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Doubling Down

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Well as can be witnessed the catabolic state of the world we now live in which will finish out to it’s end – the churning of energy to once again bring about an anabolic state.

What do the agencies do who have lied to the public for decades now? Double down on their lies.


These men and women find it so necessary to keep themselves in power, their family business, they are willing to literally destroy the earth’s biome to do so. Without a care I might add.

Presidents of nations, one can hardly include the U.S. in this category, have a decision to make to avoid total devastation. The U.S. President literally does what he is told or signs what he is told – that much is more than obvious. So there is no hope there for relinquishing destruction while that administration determines policy. It’s clear, no crime goes punished and is protected at all costs by installed Directors who run what were once called Justice organizations.

What an embarassment for LE who have served at that level their entire careers to wtiness such a spectacle and there is nothing they can do about it.

Congress? What congress? There is no such thing as a Democrat or Republican who has any power to oust these criminals from office or positions of power to control Federal policy. That’s obvious. What do they control? Committee boards where they talk in circles, or get favors to hide their back-deal agreements, or perhaps keep themselves in power for another six years? What real power do they have now seeing they do not control anything at the Department of Justice, the CDC, any Federal activity, and are mere puppets to distract the population who believe have elected them to office, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You live in a clown show. And you know you do. That’s one of the reasons the Psy-Ops are gaining in momentum – the citizens have not yet come to rationalize logically the outcome, or your demise.

You call it “satanic,” or “evil,” but really it’s a group of people who simply want to dominate all industry and populations, if they can get away with it, financially and legally. A simple grab for power.

The state of affairs is simply a criminal organization now and we all know dung trickles downhill. So does the leaders of all nations. And you better believe they are quaking in their boots. All nations know that their leaders will eventuall be assassinated if they do not cooperate with the Nazi beast. So that leaves the choice of an installed intern to run their government on behest of a 4th Reich empire.

So what can we do DJZ, you might ask?

As I already discussed, logically in the simplest form I can, the Nazi’s are not going to give up their power and control of nations willfully. Sorry.

It WILL take military action to remove them from power. Including in this United States.

That’s your option. Military intervention.

As dreadful as that sounds you better get to it. As I have previous warned, we waited too long to get moving with Hitler which resulted with Europe being destroyed and 80 million casualties.

The toll this time will top a billion souls according to hyper-models if these villains are not dealt with.

Who are the villains?

Does one really need to ask this question? I would think by now it is obvious.

AND NO, it’s NOT THE JEWS as you are told by the German Nazi’s.

The Jews are not the villains. The Nazi’s who remain in power, who almost destroyed us the first time around are the villains, control the WEF, and govern agency within the U.S. corporation, along with the UN, and governing agencies the world over. They control the WHO, the CDC, portions of Federal law enforcement, and Generals who control branches of military in each nation.

Their hydra heads grew back and they are here to either control the world or destroy it – whichever occurs is fine for them. Their 4th Reich caters to an idea that unifies “all mankind” into a utopian bliss of lavish living for the creme at the top surrounded by mind-controlled slaves that do their every bidding and provide human resource for all their personal needs both sexual and evil.

That’s their dream. A utopia where your children are not taken, but freely given for their pleasure to serve as slaves to Egyptian-style overlords. If you do not believe this is happening then I feel sorry for you and your lack of intelligence to read documents that are decades old in both nano-technology and psychological ontology.

There is only certain outcomes here (as bayesian models suggest) for the various organizations moving to control the chips and pieces on the board. Military intervention all but annihilates them and they know this. So it will be a desperate attempt to control military personnel through installed leaders to avoid that scenario. A simple Executive Order by a President would literally destroy their operations and render them void and they know it.

So what does that tell you?

Again, you are entering into catabolic end state my friends, and if nothing is done you will likely see a death-toll unheard of this century or in the history books for that matter. I am not the one who is forecasting this – all the major think-tanks are aware of this data and have already forecast these scenarios, along with the studies done by Harvard, Stanford, Tavistock, Boeing, DARPA, DIA, RAND, CASS, RIAC, IFRI, etc,..

So I am not the “expert” here painting an unlikely scenario. The data is well known and seems to be agreed upon simply for lack of action and inept leaders who are controlled by the Hydra.

Same thing happened before WWII. They waited until last minute, until France was literally taken, until taking drastic action. They just didn’t want to believe it was happening although London was being hit with V2 rockets.

What’s it gonna take this time around, 20 year olds dropping dead suddenly, population growth going to zero?

Yes you are distracted with every terrorist plot they can surmise and these will increase based on computer data countering every move a nation or actions made in the field. You can survive and your nation can survive, but you must take action at the Executive level to avoid the catabolic end.

The method wherby to do this is to dismantle their operations militarily through Special Forces units and contractor entity hired outside of their operandi modus that have legal power to act under Law Enforcement mandate.

State to state this is NO PROBLEM, and can be addressed by Sheriff LE as per State law, but you have alot of installed puppets per states infiltrated, which of course this is well known and unsustainable. Thus, the hurried alarm for them stepping up terrorist operations. They know they have a limited time-frame, both legally and fiscally to get this done before they’re either taken out or their plans succeed.

I hope Americans and cultures have a win with a lesser death toll from the Nazi’s. According to data from WWII, it’s not going to be pretty, but the faster you get off your butts, both in Federal agency and state to state you can limit casualties by taking action now and eliminating their organizations as quickly as time permits for Law Enforcement getting approval and driving action.

One only need to examine Maui and the 15 minute smart city and understand the entities you’re dealing with have NO CARE about human casualties but only consider the bottomline of what they wish to install and accomplish.

To accomplish their goals they are tricking and recruiting cultures who believe in religious dogma and nationalism to do their bidding. The Nazi’s are pitting both communist, capitalist, socialist, and religions against one another to reach their goals. Keep you infighting while they chip away at your governments and force you to your knees both economically, technologically, medically, and by taking control of Executives that determine governing policy, CEO company navigation, while purchasing your logistic ports, manufacturing operations, and limiting food production to a scenario in which they control both the organizations and distribution channels through installed personnel.

They seek to control Zionism as a tool for racism and a focal point for destruction as the Nazis under Hitler had done. They have infiltrated a multitude of Jewish organizations, as well as Asian, French, Latin American, and European sectors in order to cause mass confusion through both climate change, ESG, and UN agenda policy (although noble) for the purpose of utilizing internal beliefs, such as Talmudic logic, to be turned about it’s head and ingrained to their eugenic master plan. It’s easy to spot as the CEO’s and leaders of these institutes all bear German lineage names. Many claim to be “jews” although they are atheist. That’s part of their revenge on us Jews for destroying Germany.

Just as under Hitler who attempted to utilize the occult and religions of the world as a spearhead approach to conquer culture by absorbing both religious practice and warping that religious practice upon society to render defeat to it’s enemies through both social confusion and unravelling their traditional status to bring about the Nazi empire of unification and “equity” for all.

May YHWH bless those who have courage to drive forward eliminating evil and the destruction of mankind and may Ekhad have mercy upon the nations and allows us time for repentance and redemption before His Yom YHWH.