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Depositions Prove Covid Fraud

A 27 Nucleotide difference from SARS is not a possibility. Sars is a strong promoter for strain, but each individual strain, Delta, Omicron, (British virus, German virus, Czech virus, U.S. virus etc,.) each strain has it’s own genomic sequence independent of one another.

They are distinctive.

Which translates to individual strains coming from where? Either way you have it, there is compliance for these strains and those who disseminated such, did so under contract, or via agreements, payment – whether by tax dollars, private, or promoted – determine the fate of any organization, including government.

Organization as to court order, discovery, and offcial recognition as no contest, which we assume would be long before discovery began, as to remedy for these distinctive strains.

Furthermore, as stated early on, the FAR manual requires update with criteria determining response (defensive) in regard to M-Code and bio-response initiatives.