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Death of SDG’s & the Cell Phone Trend

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Remember beepers?

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I’ll try to be as logical here as I can for helping government personnel get up to date on compartmentalized analytics that they may not know about and as always there is nothing classified in this article.

I remember vividly paying for pager service through multiple venues when the popular trend came to market as a fun novelty sold at gas stations in the U.S. Yes… gas stations. Soon all of America had the square pocket device. Giving life to beta emoji.

The pager was used by everyone – the average citizen, grandpa, corporations, real estate agents, and drug dealers.

Just as the beeper/pager trend died after decades of use the cell phone will also succumb to a motley riddance. Charming that government entities are wrapping whole global agendas around a cell phone that can be tossed in the trash, but then again it seems the new era of politicians are one step up from monkeys slinging poop and drinking their own urine.

You may ask, “Why DJZ will the cell phone go away?”

Well simply for the fact that it’s a pleasure control device and technology is moving faster, according to Moore’s law, than any time in history. The cell phone is bulky, already technologically outdated based on information stream, and the greatest factor is that the population now understands it’s a control device.

You don’t need a square remote control riding around in your pocket all day and the square cell phone will pass away like the pager did. At least the pager was more procket friendly.

Covid helped mold the reality of control devices to the minds of billions (especially in China) who received lockdowns to their device daily. And now with a “health pass” guaranteed to invade every country and passport for travel, ties explicitly your freedom to this little square control device. The simple solution is to throw it away and watch companies like Google and Apple nosedive into oblivion. That is if they’re not smart enough to move on to something else with absolute zero trust from the public.

Why should you listen to me anyway? I’m not boasting, well maybe a little, but I did accurately predict the removal of Jack Dorsey from Twitter two years before this occurred and no, I had no idea Mr. Musk would be taking over. This was largely due in part of Mr. Dorsey’s response to congressional hearings and closely following their stock issuance. I also predicted the major losses for Mr. Zuckerberg and that his company would be broken into several entites based on unrealistic revolving credit lines that could be pulled at any given time. We all have jobs to do based on whatever our expertise is and whatever our perceptions are. The rest of you can catch up or stand still, either way.

Besides, although you haven’t noticed yet Googlenet is phasing out. I know, I know, it’s tough to hear gmail will be like aol, but that’s life. Sure they will cling to providing government services server allocation until the vast server farms become the paperweights their destined to be. I still have 40lb servers as nostalgia pieces that at one time were state of the art processors.

But what is web 3.0? Well, quite honestly it’s been here the whole time. It’s not some special gizmo Google engineers haven’t figured out yet. It’s akin to a private server. The difference being is that this private server is smaller than a desktop PC, plesk capable, and you can determine the power flow from a multitude of connections that have nothing to do with an electric company, or some comcast connection.

If you look at a commercial vendor such as xfinity, who provides a router to a customer at a cost – this eliminates all that. A high schooler can build this as a raspberry pi app and tinker their own imaginations like lego building blocks. The only downside is as these become available for production through 3D printers corporate powers will attempt to do everything to cancel this capability to no avail. The future is independent communal applications that children can manufacture in their own home or the system as we know it will be laid waste to advanced warfare is what hyper-models suggest.

But who is looking 15 years in the future besides the companies who would like to stop the citizens from becoming independent?

That is if the power brokers don’t burn down all of society in their ego maniac quests to control everything like Darth Sidious, destroying themselves and society in the process to make sure you’re never free of their control schemes. But we’ll see who wins over the next decade. All economic models are panic models at this point and to believe otherwise means you either have no access to actual data besides propaganda or you have your head in the sand.

Tech wise where we’re at is similar to when BTC was trading at .20 cents between mining pools. At that time it took a rig with 10 Gpu’s to actually mine coins like litecoin before SHA-256 became too difficult to mine and new chips would be built to hack the coins sending the GPU market (Nvidia, MSI, Gigabyte) into overload production world wide. The Chinese answered by producing ant miners and I won’t go into anymore detail here.

It took years for the rest of society to catch up while asking “what the heck is Bitcoin?” Then BTC hit $10k a coin causing the Fed to quake in their boots. The monster that got loose is all I can say.

You may say, “But DJZ, won’t they control web 3.0 as well?” There is not the capability to do so and is why the main trading platforms that stake corporations with $$$ are clamoring to control “all things techno” through vast behavioral control schemes (cell phones, marijuana, medical tyranny, war, etc.) in society to basically keep your dependence on their fiat devices.

Understand the internet is open unlimited space. Now you can choose to use proxy connections or an “internet provider” but there is no need to do so. Sure the vast majority of the population will stay fixed on paying providers access to a mainstream internet for gaming addiction that companies like Google dominate and censor while profiting from your data, but users will increasingly bleed off creating a divided faction of those who can instantly stream all web data.

There is no stopping this simply because anyone can make a server and there is no way to stop commercial markets from making their own photonic laser chips.

All internet data will be transferred and collected within a second.

So why then is there a need for Google, Bing, or a browser for that matter? Within the next 5 years you’ll be able to collate all internet data in less than a minute. You then have all the knowledge of the internet in less than 5 minutes and simply categorize from there based on whichever software you choose to use. This is the danger facing these tech companies and why they are a bubble waiting to burst.

This is largely in part why you see a crackdown on energy through the scam of climate change. It’s not that governments have fallen behind on how fast data spreads and can’t seem to grasp that the cat is out of the bag on the sustainable development goal scam, it’s that their paid for politicians can’t be given a written speech faster than technology and information is moving now.

As a government or NGO employee you should understand by now that speech writing, editing, time to deliver to a politician, scheduling airtime, and dissemination is way, way, too slow now. CNN understands this reality and they know propaganda dissemination is now a eyeblink before a user moves on. It costs millions of dollars to produce an eyeblink per minute and it’s no longer profitable as a busines model to say the least. Sure, profitable for a government when money is no object, but not for private enterprise.

By the time a politician is scheduled to air a speech on climate change the actual tech industry has already moved past these ridiculous ploys by our software already having read every single technical manual on the subject before he can finish his speech – understand?

How you may ask? Well because of Moore’s law.

The only choice technocrats have in this matter is to outlaw private use or personal use of server connections that don’t connect to one of their providers and if you do that people will disobey and do it anyway. The only way to stop people from understanding the vast knowlege they don’t want you to know (due to the internet) is by social unrest, limiting access to data, which it’s already too late to do, or burning down Rome.

One example is electric companies charging you for energy to maintain their control on something impossible to maintain – free energy, which includes web space.

Any idiot can buy solar panels from Home Depot, throw them on their roof after watching a youtube video and voila, never pay for electric again. It’s as easy as installing a home stereo system throughout the house. But you’re told that it will burn the neigborhood down and states have already passed a litany of laws to stop you from doing so or forcing the solar to “go through” the electric company who will still charge you for service. It’s a band-aid ok.

The mob will say I have had enough when a solar panel is $25 and their intelligence catches up through instructional videos and they can’t afford their electric bill. Or maybe you’ll convince China to not keep breaking down American society through cheaply made alternative products? What else are they supposed to do? Rebellion is inevitable here, thus, the great need to enforce new control schemes to keep an old system, Nasdaq, fueled.

But you can’t stop technology, or the decline of paper assignat schemes. You can only race to stop others by passing laws that will eventually be laughed at and disobeyed. Either way you have it the laws being passed are moving way too slow to keep up with data dissemination and software being written every second of every day getting more and more advanced.

The easiest way to explain this is like the police trying to stop a ten year old kid from selling lemonade because the kid doesn’t have a vendors license to sell to the public. And guess what, there isn’t enough police to curtail 100 million people doing the same things when their kids will be doing it to. Just like drag racing in the 1960’s with muscle cars. You’re not going to stop anything. At the least those who wish to hang on to control will be viewed as scrooges and entice more to disobey into civil unrest that will occur naturally and as every legitimate model forecast.

This is old news now.

It’s also why over the last four years the government has changed it’s vendor portals. Every government service, Google included, requires cell phone identification. If an email service like Google asks for your cell phone, LOL, just use another service or your own server that don’t. Simple as that.

The new contracting portals for government vendor services ridiculously require (regardless if you’re company does $200B in revenue) a cell phone to access payment portals. Imagine a company with 20K employees and they want you to use a cellphone for logging in for interface. Unsustainable and a stupid trend that won’t last. Also why biometric is becoming front and center and we see how well that is going in China. The end result is revolt and revolution, not Orwell and 1984.

Politicians are being convinced by groups who wish to control social outcome lobbying them to attache passports to cell phones as a health pass for both vaccination control and constant contact. I mean really? To get on a plane you’re going to either have to be issued a cell phone by the government or purchase one? Nope. What you’ll see and it’s happening now, examine BTS, is that citizens will say “I’m not flying” and tank the industry. When airlines are bleeding a billion a month they will tell politicians to go to hellfire and take the WEF or any other control group with them for survival.

Full-Year 2021 and December 2021 U.S. Airline Traffic Data


Due to Covid of course, but just you wait and see those numbers when passports are attached to a phone. Can you say bankruptcy and bailouts? Whatever President/Prime minister fuels this nonsense will be considered a pariah, anti-economy, anti-GDP growth, a plain dullard. Besides, do Prime Ministers and presidents actually understand how fast information and data moves now in the hands of teenagers? Of course not.

But go ahead and listen to these Big Pharma groups, Lloyd’s, and lobbyists who will destroy the GDP, bankrupt business, and tank economy – gone.

Pure example, look at DoorDash and Uber, both require facial biometrics to deliver food at petty wages that won’t pay your bills. Turnover and angst is their production model. Do you expect these citizens to stay high on weed forever before moving on with their lives? Their employment ads are fraud, the accounting is quagmire, with stock fueled by loans and subsidy.

Ask any teenager or young adult and they say the same thing, “I tried it and it don’t make any money,” while they laugh in your face. Unsustainable, but at least you’re attempting to catch up to Asia with biometrics, right? The leaders running the show are beyond inept, because they’re not running anything. They obey foreigners destroying economies so they can attempt to maintain control on stopping free energy, commerce, and maintain central banking when it’s a thing of the past. Over and out buddy like assignat.

Meanwhile, state by state the insurance rates have doubled, while used car prices are through the roof. Not too difficult to figure out by skimming the overall data here. But the sheep are expected to remain stupid when they have access to all information easily at their fingertips now. C’mon.

Uber will possibly merge with DoorDash and live off their shored up earnings fueled by revolving loans from entities like Vanguard, Blackrock, Citibank, Goldman, State Street, or whoever until this stock thing is a thing of the past. And we all know it will be. I won’t bother to look up the SEC 10k filings. No need. It’s the same as Facebook until the plug is pulled for the next trend.

The model of “dumb down the gentile” was a grand idea from bookworms who know nothing of actual economic functions of day to day affairs, but promote their knowlege of religious texts written in the 14th century. So I really don’t care if politicians are aware of this reality or not, it’s the way it is – fail.

And what happens when an American who actually gets elected decides to wipe out your groups and go on the offensive? Well I’m sure you’ve got an answer for that, for now, right. Ok. The Italians never expected a Meloni either.

BRICS has already formed a dual economy and there are a dozen pre-flight programs to replace the dollar that have nothing to do with the ripoff of blockchain called CBDC. Yes, I’m saying there are better scenarios, but it requires you relinquish a bit of your control. Bankman Fried attempted to take down Binance and now he’s in jail. I will say right here and now, two years ago, everyone who knows anything in the crypto industry knew Bankman was a ploy to rip the carpet out from under digicoins and what did it do – halve the coins for a time? Big deal.

*An update here on Sam Bankman Fried – out on $250M bail. The overwhelming data across the web states “an absolute clown show,” of a justice system and leadership. I’m not including Russian propaganda with the statement. The data says the population is emboldened for violence to end the corruption with serious financial backing to make it happen.

All I can say is, better keep Gates and the WHO on a tight leash. Reminds me of Iran in 79. Are you political advisors not reading actual statements of the population? The forecast is alot of Travis Bickle’s running around.

So what do these guys suggest as an answer? Blow it all up back to medieval times, make everyone dependent on a welfare state by mass depopulation and assault on the Human genome. Mix America up with migrants who know nothing of liberty as suggested by Kissinger and other groups since the 1950’s to unravel democracy? Ok, we’ll see how that failed model turns out.

I’ve been around. Trained hundreds, worked with thousands. Every walk of life, Arabs, Israeli’s, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, British and American mutts of every culture and I can tell you one thing. The parents may never acquiesce to americanization, but their kids always will. And they’ll always hate politicians simply for the fact it’s ingrained they’re the enemy. Either way, I’m 100% sure HaShem has other ideas but you can fight reality as much as you wish.

Google and microsoft can’t keep up with data speed; governments can’t keep up with data dissemination now – no one can.

What you’ll see is a vast amount of corporations merging together under this catabolic state. The USA is not doomed as our enemies chant. Maybe the United States as a corporate structure ran by groups who took it over, rather, the politicians that are installed by certain groups will not remain. You’re simply bad weather that will pass into the abyss.

The banks have reacted the only way species react in such a biome – by merger, which is a true sign of an entity in catabolism.

Thus, the cell phone trend once delegated as a competitor to survival, nearly there now, will be tossed to preserve the human species in unison, since web 3.0 is running just fine without their services.

In fact, we will simply use their services as we make the transition to an ever stable platform that relies on nothing they own. And why shouldn’t we? They have exploited your ignorance by tracking your every nuance and trading that data for ad placement, advancing behavioral study to enforce a better mouse trap on your family, all while agreeing with the eugenicists that there is simply too many mouths to feed, but it’s ok to make every dime they can off your carcass and billing your kin services rendered.

The CIA is not to blame, or the FBI, or the DOJ. I believe they are coming around to a transparency model, which pans out better than Kissinger’s model. They are ran by smart people that for the most part love their country, have families, and care about humanity. And furthermore have sacrificed their lives with blood, sweat, and tears fighting America’s enemies both foreign and domestic. But America’s enemies seem to be winning due to the fact politicians are installed by various groups and they need to take action to stop that. Someone with big cajones usually shows up and cleans house and we need a house cleaning of the infidels to be sure.

The mid level intelligent among us, who can read, research and develop theory state,

“Hyper-connectivity. The constant and persistent connection to the Internet exacerbates the habitual need for rewards. Focus on this characteristic of the smartphone is important because it is creating multiple conditions – two workdays and an invasion of
home life (Slaves, 2012, p. 80). Two workdays (formal and informal) is likened to a “cult of flexibility” created by smartphone use in the workplace (Slaves, 2012, p. 80). Bosses can spit out the emails at any time – day or night and expect employees to respond being at their beck-and-call (master versus servant philosophy). Planning for the future (even the evening) is a thing of the past with constant changes being the norm (Slaves, 2012, p.80). Oulasvirta et al., look at the issue of persistent network connectivity as having the possibility to craft new Internet-use habits. Pew Research by Anderson and Rainie (2012) 27 predicts that the upcoming generation of students will exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience, and a lack of deep-thinking ability due to what one referred to as “fast-twitch wiring” (p. 12) as being the result of hyperconnectivity.” Kwapich, Sally J (2013 p. 26) Smartphone Spying: Uncovering Hidden Dangers 

This is why you see in the UK the mass distribution of smart meters to keep you addicted to their on/off capability concerning your access to the basics of refrigerated food, internet service, and heat as a good or bad pet. Again, you’re viewed as cheap labor pets. When you can simply say NO, I’m not doing that anymore. That’s why your guns were taken away bit by bit and finalized by 1997. Yes, your ability to fight back and destroy those who are destroying you. Apparently Americans are more intelligent than foreigners give us credit for and those who plot to enslave our nation. Let’s get this straight it is OUR nation, not yours, not your groups. We can nationalise your corporations and defund your organizations. I know, you’ll believe it when you see it. I have been told “The tide turns fast my friend.”

Although some could accuse society of getting “smarter” like smart city erections, it’s clearly obvious the herd will be swayed by future Elon Musk’s to faster, smaller, compartmentalized, data protecting devices (including anti-frequency generation) that cannot be used in the hands of a few whackos to control all of society. And right now there are a few whackos controlling society. I don’t have to tell that to the FBI or the CIA – they fight it daily.

For additional flavor: Why Are People Burning Cell Phone Towers?

Well, because they can.

I don’t agree with the methods of the DGR, but like all entities with a cause, political parties included, they believe what they are doing is justified – just like the UN’s Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 is not American. It’s ideology wrapped up in doing good that may result in a complete cataclysmic end (as the models suggest) while sold on a climate change, silver platter of lies.

The Georgia Guidestones exploding DID NOT remove the knowledge of this reality, but only helped disseminate the data of what investigators already know.

As conclusion I’ll be honest here as best I can, without giving examples of the past. You’re taking bad advice from guys who are at the end of their life cycles. They wish to make a mark before giving up the ghost with a burn it all down mentality. Responsible adults are required to stop grandpa from burning down the old folks home because he is prejudice against Christians and Americans. You’re plan from the Kissinger report and Harvard is decades old and they did not have the data capability that a ten year old has now. ALL DATA IS TRANSPARENT NOW. That’s the way it is so lets move forward ok. All of us.

I say that in caps as it doesn’t seem to be gettng through to some foreign groups and those playing both sides of the fence. The CIA is listening to reason like any legitimate organization should and they need to get their respect back. Not by black bag jobs as required during the cold war, but through being ambassadors of their personnel that work for, not against, American values.

I know internet data is the thorn in the side of the technocrats and why it must all crash down so no one can keep reading or gaining more intelligence. That was always the goal and of course now we know a flawed bayesian model, which interestingly enough produced the opposite effect. Every promoted scheme from “safe and effective” to transgendering children will be defeated. Groups still pushing safe and effective, I’m telling you, it’s over. Litigation will paint you as genocidal maniacs and you’ll have to explain that to your families and attorneys. Absolute power turns on a dime. Right now we see you as anti-humanitarians and quite frankly no different than Goebbels or a Nazi SS soldier. Unbelievable really that some of you claim to be Jewish. Just madness. How did you get so lost? I really don’t want to know, but we do pray for your souls to be redeemed.

The AI models, although pan out in various directions, each one shows a defeat of this group in unison. And righfully so as the actions aggress the genome into a catabolic state that eats the virus. So what are you doing? Stop listening to them and change course or sink with their ship is all I can advise.

Have a great week guys, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.


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