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Credibility on the Line

src: https://www.amusingplanet.com/2020/04/the-historic-meeting-on-elbe-river.html

“There is also a plaque in Arlington Cemetery in Washington commemorating the “Spirit of the Elbe”, and each year on April 25, military bands play the national anthems of Russia and the United States.”

So each culture has it’s own stigma, lingo, bravado, and laws.

When examining the current “war” in Ukraine, I can legally say it’s war, however, not so much if you’re a Russian citizen. There you must call “war” a Special Military Operation.

As of March 4th it’s illegal, a crime, to call whats happening in Ukraine a “war” by Russian citizens in journalism, independent reporting on social media.

That’s where culture differs in America. I can still say what I want, to a degree, as long as I’m not outing specific people, or giving away techincal confidential material. As long as I stick to the sphere of accessible knowledge, then I’m not overstepping the bounds of propaganda control to the vulgar (us the people).

However, as I see it, this is my personal opinion based on my culture, when you are told you cannot call a toilet, a “toilet” but now must use a new lingo, “by law” or it’s a crime to do so. You have leaped over the boundary of both logic and literal common sense.

The idea of changing the universal word “tree” or “war” into a politicized lingo will never be accepted for the simple fact you cannot erase thousands of years of a word already accepted as it’s true meaning.

In fact, it’s simply following bad advice by those who constructed the concept and will only lead to loss of credibility. That’s the outcome no matter which way you want to look at it.

Good advice is accepting the fact that sometimes we listen to the wrong people who steer us into oncoming traffic and provide more problems for us to deal with simply through “communication” error.

All governments formulate consensus to rationalize their concepts under a propaganda sphere, of course, but to change the name of “tree” to a “special birch branch” and make it a crime to eliminate the use of tree in lingo is not rational, but showcase a “need” to do so as all literary format is forensic.

Literary forensics means that we can “read and examine” your motive through written language based on what you choose as words to display.

It determines whether you want to deceive, romanticize, make angry, trigger emotion in geberal, or propagandize.

Literal formats are as clear as sunny skies so who are you tricking? No one.

So as an American, or a Euuropean or anywhere besides a Russian territory we are still able to call war, what war is – war.

And what is war?

War is where two or more factions are killing one another for territory, resources, personal ideology, historic dispute, or plain bad relations.

That’s what the world has always known and no “law passed” will change this understanding reagrdless if “war” is viewed a violation of the General Security Council and you have to call “it” war another term.

No one is tricked or duped. And credibility is diminished.

What does diminished mean?

It means a loss of some kind, a negation.

All of which we can just shrug the shoulders and say “Move on, we’ll get through this,” but really you won’t. There will be an end to the loss or negation as cause and effect states there will be.

Just as the United States is experiencing the later stages of catabolism due to decades of cover-ups, lies, and anti-humanity machinations allowing for corporate stock profit, which is the result of democracy under a brokerage system that requires stock prices to stay afloat, there will always be consequences for actions that “twist or warp” reality.

War is war and I understand the legal ramifications of not saying legally “it’s a war” as this is a violation of mandates agreed upon. And who is the U.S. to play hypocrite after setting ablaze the Middle East since the early 90’s for energy pursuits and stock price allegiance, right?

Well so both sides are guilty of playing the fiddle – lets get beyond that, it’s done.

What are the solutions now to STOP KILLING PEOPLE, and creating a hundred years of blood feud?

Well I believe they are basic and summary:

  • who controls the pipeline energy flow to Europe?
  • who controls Ukraine governance?
  • what are the borders of Ukraine?
  • how many military bases do each country get?
  • who gets the re-construction contracts?
  • who gets mining and mineral rights?
  • who controls what shipping ports?
  • what are the designated AO’s and agreed upon consequences to avoid future war?

It’s a longer list, I know but this is a start and not too difficult to manage if we subjugate those who only see the me, me, me profit venue for their personal corporation/governing office budgets.

Ok, not too hard.

First off recognition.

The Black Sea Fleet and Crimean Peninsula is obviously Russian just as Norfolk VA is U.S. military. That’s easy right?

Shipping ports – each area is “block zones” where logistics are regulated, not by UN authority, but regulated by contract agreement between trade partners, U.S., French, British, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, with regional vessels contracted by local regency (not foreign like the U.S. who is non-local).

Local regency is the “locals,”

  • Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus

Tunisia and Italy can be board members who constitute as referee as outside jurisdiction trade partners in which U.S., French, Portugal and Spain must adhere to diplomacy.

As it stands right now you have corporations batting for themselves and the European Union vs UN vs NATO vs BRICS, when in reality there are a multitude of currency issues that will deepen and keep trade volatile.

Lebanon could become a “jewel” once again for this beautiful country torn apart by war through a contract such as this and strengthen Israeli relations to be sure with blanket agreed upon contracts and consequences for rogue corporations and “factions” in either society.

Russia could keep her territory with joint ownership of energy through Ukraine and Russian agreement, one in which, again referee determine consequences for actions on either side.

U.S. and Europe purchasing of resource would be agreed upon in 20 year contracts and WILL AID security for both European/Russian/Ukraine pipeline so that each country can have resource based on YOUR ALLEGIANCE to the agreements, not upon your aggression of military movement.

It’s a business deal at the end of the day and the Special Military Operation or war if you want to say, is going to end when these business agreements are reached plain and simple.

So for anyone not providing realistic scenarios where each side is profiting and helping one another in some way shape or form then we will continue to have disagreement and blood shed. So what are you waiting for since the posturing process is over? This is not too hard of a negotiation that I see, besides the blood feuds you have created.

So you need to make a decision and profit/history is your motive so why not engage with people who can negotiate with President Putin, Security Council, UN, and the EUnion with a NEW agreement of negotiated trade between the countries I mentioned, maybe more, by setting up a new contract, with new people, and share the wealth for a prosperous region that could be once again a beautiful Russian, mediterranean, European venture with Americans spending a ton of cash on holiday.

It’s not a stretch and there are lots of ways to keep each faction of governance on the leash, by keeping out the bad liberal eggs, and their polar opposites with just plain business sense that promotes the region the joint-culture, that repairs the bad blood so Ukrainians and Russians can hug it out once again as neighbors, and the U.S. / Euro can be satisfied with “agreed upon” energy cost for the next two decades.

“Meanwhile the jubilation among the troops would have made you believe that the war was already won. The soldiers embraced each other, and exchanged buttons, stars and patches from each other’s uniforms. Officers exchanged their service weapons.”

We can do it.


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