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Complicit Presidents?

courtesy NBC news

I will say straight out, I do not believe either President Biden or President Trump knew how deadly these Covid-19 vaccines are. I have no doubt if they knew what the ingredients would do, as examined under spectrometry and TEM, or read one paper on Stealth Nano Particles, I believe both Presidents would never have allowed the process of vaccination to move forward.

Senators, House Reps, Governors and Mayors, like everyone else, were duped into putting on a mask (Asia psychology) to protect against a viral pathogen that requires full HAZMAT suits. Besides those involved in the scheme, they fell for the psychology, heck, we’re all human and can’t possibly understand all the psychological effects placed upon us by those who can estimate predictable outcomes of such.

Sure people in government knew exactly what was going on the whole time – we know that. The depositions say as much. And what does that say for all the psychologists who stayed quiet?  Knowing this was a ploy or PsyOP from the get go.

I think President Biden could start by asking his appointed Yale psychology professor Jennifer Richeson, how she was duped by the very methods she was trained in.

Better yet, lets ask Jiangbing Zhou, PhD, associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Biomedical Engineering at Yale School of Medicine about the nano particles we have found in all the vaccines for Covid-19. You can read his work here and maybe understand after reading his work that they knew precisely what was in the vaccines. https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/jiangbing_zhou/?tab=research

So again, no, I do not believe either president was knowledgeable of what was actually in the vaccine as “ingredients,” however, they should be made aware that they were indeed “played” by Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

They made a quick billion off new technology that NEVER would have been approved in trials, due to cytotoxicity, and thus the importance for the emergency EUA to inject this state of the art poison tech into Americans.

Now that the information is disseminated, that vaccines are simply NP delivery systems for data transcription, Big Pharma and it’s enjoined medical industry can harvest all the data from their live victims.

What diseases the NPs or spike proteins cause, how your lymphocytes and ACEII respond to NP uptake and what types of cancers will be produced are important factors for revamping pegylated material so that it’s less toxic, or cause less apoptosis through macrophage in-vivo, rather than the above 30% base threshold.

There was no other way to test this in humans on a grand scale for the benfit of cancer treatment, data transcription, mapping ventricle, and the dark side of this tech control capability.

Society participated in a not-so-forced in-vivo trials that allowed you to quit your job to refuse vaccination, which then it became “your choice” to participate in the pre-trials. Big Pharma and their partners now have a never ending flow of DNA data and live victims to study under this EUA for avoiding future catastrophic vaccine events like the one that just occurred.

If we examine Pfizers track record of fraud and corruption, one can clearly understand it’s not your health, well being, cancer, or stroke treatments these criminals are concerned with.

Moreover, the vaccine companies can settle their patent lawsuits of who owns what and determine what portions of the population belong to their new genome trademarks/patents and what drug delivery systems each company can legally pursue with all the property rights granted for products fusing within your cellular tissue. Which, by the way, can also be transcribed to your unborn childrens genomic sequence.

“Second, BA NPs penetrate the brain largely through the disruption of the BBB and thus have limited penetrability and specificity for the broader ischemic region including the infarct core and penumbral tissue. In this study, we sought to develop a new generation of antioxidant NPs that are capable of releasing payload at an accelerated rate while also demonstrating efficient penetration in the ischemic brain. To this end, we screened a collection of natural antioxidant nanomaterials, including BA, lupeol (LP), glycyrrhetic acid (GA), sumaresinolic acid (SA), stigmasterol (ST), dehydrotrametenolic acid (DTA), oleanolic acid (OA), ursolic acid (UA), poricoic acid (PAA), and β-sitosterol (BT). Among them, BA [10], LP [12], GA [13], ST [14], OA [15], and UA [16] were reported to be active for stroke treatment when administrated as free drug.” Brain Targeting NPs for Stroke Treatment

If we are to assume…China as a leader in the field of nanomof, would encourage the West to “keep up” knowing full well that corporate greed and requirements of shareholders would drive that ambition to be first in the field at the expense of humanity.

China knows oh too well the extent at which Western corporations will exploit citizens through corrupt government agencies attempting to keep up with the Chinese government, who needn’t answer to constituents or courts.

In this joint venture, those in league with Agenda 2030, have concocted and agreed to “bring Europe and USA up to speed” concerning the same psychological conditioning enforced on Chinese citizens. The numbers display chimpanzee social interaction theory both within Europe and the U.S. showing China to be tip of the spear when it comes to social conditioning.

At any rate the methods work. Now we know.

However, unlike China, Europeans and Americans can and do revolt rather quickly due to superior data information access. The groups behind this knew they had an 18-24 month window before lawsuits revved up, before they would distract to something else like Ukraine or some other pre-planned scenario.

I can wonder if every group has their own chosen Tzadik, perhaps, but I am positive the ringmaster will not be what you are looking for.