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It is said there are 188 cognitive biases that exist based on the foundation work of Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.

Like all front runners looking to pin their name on a historical discovery, the above is certainly an untrue statement and in fact Plato (5th century) would very much disagree with both Mr. Tversky and Kahneman, although Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in 2002.

Cognitive decisions, in short, are determined by the following:

  • childhood experience and upbringing
  • conditioned reaction
  • environment and education
  • your community structure
  • social network
  • physical aspirations
  • religion/non-religious understanding
  • your experience in multi-cultures
  • and foremost – your parents and siblings

One can diagnose or declare oneself a psychologist through education, training and participating in communicating with hundreds of personalities to form a cognitive understanding within oneself how minds of female and males work in a controlled environment.

In advertising we see the accomplishments of manipulating the psyche of mankind to the most heinous degrees. Psychology no longer, nor has ever, stood as a beacon or enlightenment for humanity, but rather a method of unraveling the weakness and the proper penetration of such weakness for exploit.

Whether for drug sales, mass advertising and propaganda, or the narcissistic power that comes from a superiority complex over the weak, psychology has proven itself, especially through communism to be the dark force of society.

The “new” cognitive descriptions such as “hyperbolic discounting” are just fanciful words for what humans have been doing for thousands of years in trade bargaining communication.

Psychology attempts through “intelligent psychologists” to wrap these common sense annotations into cohesively labeled terms of which are proclaimed a trademark, system, or invention thereof.

Hog wash.

Once again, charlatans do what charlatans do best, plagiarize ideas that have been universal, repackage, and retail to an audience with techniques the weak have no understanding in and which accept wholeheartedly the imitation crab meat.

A perfect example of this is training cycles.

Lets take two personas:

  1. A PhD psychologist never having lived a life of physical labor, or physical sports. Grew up a book worm with loving, educated parents who pushed education above ethics and striving for greatness above all else.
  2. A power lifting gym owner who toiled in physical labor, finding harmony and love in the field of strength and having grown up under a severe sports tutelage, a single family unit, and a non educational environment.

The two viewpoints of approaching psychology are vastly different.

Each will argue that neither could do each others “job” not being educated in opposing fields and yet each is using psychological method that vary greatly in cognitive conditioning to their subjects.

It could be argued that the gym owner knows nothing about psychology and that the psychologist knows nothing about physical methods of the human body which govern the mind.

Who then is correct in their evaluation and training methods of the subjects cogito?

That’s where charlatans come into play, selling a one size fits all glove based on their “opinion,” of what they have been conditioned into believing through experience.

But how easy is it to condition the mind?

Well we can discuss the techniques of the psychologist: mental manipulation, drugs, hypno therapy, role playing through your child self, probing your earliest thoughts and memories to portray a “meaning” that you never understood, your anger motives, your sexual abuse, your mommy or daddy issues, assaults and neglect, victim identity; every method to break down your psyche to find out where you are the weakest to exploit that information – to help you become the real you.

How about a boxing coach method?

Tell you you’re a winner and no one can beat you, over and over and over again until you believe it while being punched in the face. Belief through pain and trauma that you choose to endure – so you don’t lose. Constant correction of how your body moves physically in order to maximize the damage of your opponent, all the while determining the limits of your physical capability which continue to grow beyond your imagination.

Do you see the difference between these two cognitive conditioning techniques?

Both can create monsters.

One promises to help you understand yourself through a book trained approach to break down your mentality, the other seeks to build up your mentality through painful physical alteration of both body and mind.

But how easy is it to manipulate the mind, or remake a person?

In fields of military applications of damaging a personality or “splitting” a personality into multiple renditions comes through terror, hypnosis, shock therapy, drugs, physical pain and relentless trauma. The goal is break the mind, so the individual will instantly do what you ask, request, or implant into the psyche.

The above does not describe making a Marine or Army soldier, but rather a broken person, a slave, or assassin.

In the methods of training an individual, such as fighting, we can discuss both how the psyche can be manipulated to either train the person to fight correctly or incorrectly.

This is merely to understand how easy it is to manipulate the mind. A simple example in boxing would be to educate the new pupil in methods of boxing as “backwards training” which can be used for both positive and negative results depending on which you are after.

In boxing you have a simple 1-2 punch. A jab comes from the left arm with the left leg forward, retracts, as the right hand punches – simple 1-2 as seen in all of fighting.

Backwards would be to teach the opposite, a 2-1, jab with the right hand punching forward first with left leg forward, and then the left hand punches – reversed.

This is a simple method and I once had an adult student knock out his opponent in 7 seconds by understanding the “structure” of my students opponent.

Now if I train the student to ONLY punch with a 2-1 style, he/she will in short time lose a great deal of fights before understanding the manipulation and then will need to unlearn the thousands of repetitions drilled into the psyche with positive or negative verbal reinforcement.

As one who has trained hundreds of human bodies to learn to fight, as well as Police and military personnel over years, one understands psychology much more exquisite than any psychologist can ever understand.

Physical strength and mental conditioning are a balance through positive reinforcement – not understanding the past or through drugs to limit the cognitive process.

This is why Special Forces units brought on psychologists, to not only attempt to understand the thinking behind the intense pain and suffering one would initiate upon oneself to be “part of a group,” but to be careful for the weakness of the mind in which psychologists are the experts in provoking.

Now don’t get me wrong, the examples above about the psychologist and gym owner, I wasn’t expressing the gym owner as myself, this was just an example, however I have had much training in such methodology – unlike the psychologist.

Another simple method of adapting ones mind to coping with pain tolerance, or leveling up the mentality is through mental “leap cycles” of endurance.

A leap cycle can be defined as thus,

“A barrier by which the mind never before endured, but now is willing to express that endurance through another persons capability of endurance.”

This is similar to running with a marathon runner when you can only run 5 miles – you’ll run longer with the marathon runner. However, leap cycles work in fast time, or “leaps.”

Here is one method.

Students are lined up against a wall and softly struck in their bodies to see how much pain tolerance they can withstand. Some can handle much, others very little.

  1. A student is instructed to punch the instructor in the body, which student will be timid to do.
  2. Student obeys and strikes.
  3. Student is again told to strike but harder.
  4. Student obeys with a little bit more power.
  5. Student is then ridiculed or told “is that all you got, punch harder,” which either causes anger or embarrassment.
  6. Student strikes harder where he is now told “keep it up as he hits the instructors body multiple times.
  7. Student is told “ok my turn,” but reassured will take it easy.
  8. The first hits are traumatic, but endured to not be embarrassed.
  9.  The Student is now shown how to control his breath cycle and is struck hard in the body, which the student now doesn’t mind at all. Teacher strikes multiple times to student at great astonishment to the class.
  10. Student is now capable of taking twice as much physical pain and trauma to the body rather than an hour ago before the instruction.
  11. Student has now mentally “leaped” from what could have taken months of endurance training through bio physical and mental conditioning.

Of course this is a military training method, generally not taught to civilians.

Now, how does this work? Do you have an answer?

The process is both physical and mental. The instructor is already conditioned under these methods and would not choose a skilled fighter to “strike” him as one can only absorb so much power of blows.

Some could call this a trick. The instructors job is not to condition or level an already skilled fighter, but the untrained to a superior manner, rather than through months or years of conditioning.

The student is drawn through a process of exciting his/her adrenaline rapidly through blood pumping by a rapid heart rate,  the human body acts as a pain buffer, but the real ability of pain tolerance lay in breathing at proper intervals when the body is in this super tuned state, which allows a human to take vastly more amounts of pain or trauma.

In essence the student was drawn to this adrenaline position, then his mentality focused on breathing properly which caused the mind to negate incoming pain or reinforced pain tolerance as the mind can only focus on singular aspects of trauma as occurs.

The student is now “leveled” when it comes to pain tolerance. He/she will now be able to handle 2x or greater the amount of pain or trauma as compare to someone not initiated by the method.

It’s no magic trick just an understanding of how bio mechanics react with cognitive conditioning – not psychology.

No person could be “talked” into doing this, one must experience the method. It’s a hard wiring of the psyche.

Now these are advanced techniques that boxing coaches have no knowledge of as again military techniques and I know a hand full of people that have utilized them in training. What I just discussed I have never witnessed being used in a boxing gym and I have been to the great ones.

If the type of “leap cycle” training I discussed above (not necessarily the striking) was trained to every high school student the end result could either be disastrous, or a new balance of ethics in society.

A theory of course, but those who train military personnel understand the mental conditioning of the soldier as well as the simple college educated individual. Both endure the same physical endurance with equivalent results. It is the moral standard that determines the outcome.

The teachers themselves must have a high standard of moral and ethics reinforcement to the student, never through the use of mental exploit, drugs for bipolar/ADHD, or hypnotism which can absolutely have long term effects.

The teacher should never delve into the student’s painful past to “fix it” or try to make the person “understand” or cope with the trauma experienced. Those who wave their PhD in the air teach these amateur methods, never having endured the proper, correct physical/mental conditioning required for proper psychological training of any human.

Those who teach “psychology handbook” amateur methods can generally only exploit the weak or traumatized individual with the end result peddling drugs to further traumatize the persons mentality through addiction and bad habits.

Above is the main stay of psychology across the board for youth and adults.

Now I am sure there are psychologists out there who were/are boxing students or coaches and they understand all too well how easy it is to manipulate the psyche coupled with their day job of “helping” people.

There are considered five basic dimensions: openness to new experience, conscientiousness, extroversion/introversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, which is an incomplete list – nor applies to all cultures as a whole.

BUT at one time there was a super special person who coined these “concepts” and gradually a population agreed as to the psychology basis as similar with Freud.

The truth of the matter is every mind can manifest a great deal of ideals, few will work, most will be opinion. This is no different with Freudian philosophy. Although Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays was able to strike a goldmine in using manipulation techniques to sway public opinion, purchasing habits, and in fact tell you how to think.

If you visit the American Psychological Association website on the front page it says, “Advancing psychology, to benefit society and improve lives.” That statement couldn’t be further from the truth, and the next phrase used is, “Safeguarding student mental health, Covid-19 shines a light on the need for school-based mental health services.”

If anything Covid-19 and the lockdown’s are responsible for more suicides recorded since the 1929 collapse of the New York Stock Exchange. Psychology can never safe guard mental health, it can only exploit to sell drugs for the pharma industry, turn you into a slave, know your deepest darkest secrets, steal your children from you, monitor you existence, and keep you hedged in through “mental health checks” that determine your employment and detriment level to society.

Sure there are moral, ethical psychologists out there and there are also narcissistic individuals looking to experiment on victims.

I have known many married couples who after paying vast sums to psychologists, be put on psycho tropic drugs and have their relationships end in divorce. Two females I know were hooked on prescribed drugs for years turning them into zombies, destroyed their motivation and joy and caused them to spiral into depression.

Don’t be snared by the snake oil. Whether good intentions in psychology or not, the end result could be drugs, depression, or worse.

Now if you are a person who has a mental condition I am not saying to you throw away your psychologist and stop taking your meds. I am communicating to individuals who are not trapped in the system, who are not in the grip of psychology and have the choice to live life outside the realm of the cognitive conditioning taught to the masses.

You must realize that psychology is a communicative system, a language like binary code if you will. A religion that one could follow and believe, put their faith in, and let take hold of their life in prescribed methods that are advertised as “benefiting society” and “improving lives.”

Those who choose YHWH will always have a more fine tuned cognitive connection to the world in understanding peoples needs, in healing others, and in what psychology calls “beneficial for society.”

Putting faith in God is ridiculed by the ignorant and scorned by psychology. Yet we who are followers of YHWH and know our salvation through HaMashiach Jesus understand the hidden mysteries made known to us. The concepts of cognitive conditioning that so many experts have tried to trademark for the world all fall flat in the face of the Almighty.

If you are a person trapped by prescribed drugs, or depression then I ask you to say this prayer right now. Not to your psychologist, or friends, but to your creator.

Say out loud,

“God please take this depression out of me. Get me off these drugs. I choose life and happiness. I choose to be healed and I am asking you God, my creator, that you would reveal yourself to me and deliver me from oppression. I know I don’t understand everything but I ask that you would teach me about salvation provided through your son Jesus. And I ask for your blessing that I can be a blessing to others.”

If you have said that prayer in all sincerity I have no doubt that God will change your life and bless you tremendously.

May God bless you through His HaMashiach, Jesus, sent to redeem your mind and soul with the one, Echad, who has made all.