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Climate Change & Aliens

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LOL @ today’s article.

As the dots connect for fabricated climate change we are receiving interesting results from search engine data going back over a decade. Again these climate change charlatans never envisioned “the internet of all things” in the 1970’s. They could not imagine that all their ridiculous secrets would be openly available to the ENTIRE public through web space technology. And now all data on the internet is transparent and disseminated in less than 5 minutes. The jig is up for anyone who wants to keep their games up. You’ll either be a meme and scorned or Travis Bickels will be looking for payback for any of these continued baloney anti-humanitarian schemes.

It looks to me like YHWH leveled the playing field with the internet.

Jim Sparks funded TV and radio interviews go back over a decade. Here is a bit on his fabrication story communicating with Aliens from the following website,

Encounters with reptiloids

“Jim Sparks’ encounter with reptilian humanoids, their warning follows: In 1988 at age thirty four, Sparks suddenly came face to face with other beings from other worlds.”

Aliens: “It was also agreed that, in the meantime, steps would be taken to correct the environmental condition of your planet with our advice and technology. We say advice, because we respect the fact that this is your planet, not ours. Your government also broke this agreement.’

Jim: ‘I felt an awful emotion of abandonment from these aliens. They are different. I never sensed true emotion from the other aliens before. But the feeling wasn’t at all good. It felt like great loss. I couldn’t help asking, You aren’t giving up on us, are you?'”

“There was a long pause of silence and I had a strong feeling of tremendous loss. So I asked again, Well, are you? There was another long pause. Then finally,

Aliens: ‘No. We are now concentrating our energy on the average person. Your air and your water are contaminated. Your forests, jungles, trees and plant life are dying. There are several breaks in your food chain. You have an amount of nuclear and biological weapons which include nuclear and biological contamination. Your planet is overpopulated. Warning: It is almost to the point of being too late unless your people act now. There are better ways of deriving your energy and food needs without causing your planet any damage. Those in power are aware of this and have the capability to put these methods into worldwide use.’”

So as can be seen with your own eyes reading the subject matter, climate change nonsense was inserted into the public sphere over a decade ago through ridiculous alien fabrication stories (and many other methods) to get conspiracy radio heads talking about it.

The regular public would laugh this off as nonsense while corporate entity, who planned it mind you, would instigate through government entity so the publics reaction would be “hey they’re doing this in secret” giving credence to “conspiracy theory” or that Aliens are leading governments to do this.

It’s simply getting ahead of passing the blame or buck when the stuff hits the fan. You always need a cover story or someone to blame and at the end of the day you can just say “the aliens made me do it.”

No matter what entry input for “climate fabrication,” into startpage.com search engine you’ll receive a propaganda “climate denier” wiki page as the top search result. Litigation is right there for any legal team ready to make a mint off these charlatans. The new owners of startpage are trying to bankrupt the company very quickly. I would suggest you get legal counsel because it appears you’re defrauding advertisers for propaganda pieces.

However, that’s what discovery is for and we would need to take a look at startpage’s ad placement revenue as compared to favortism for corporate entity to see if there is any conflict there and then match that up to Google and other engine feeds and see what the software says. My blue pencil says litigation. How much respect have attorney firms made from my data? Let’s just say some of you were off the map until I showed up. Perspective is what matters and what drives the army of litigators to do anything.

Anyway, I’ll say this as candid as I can, your departments are investing in dead scenarios and you should be tricking your “bosses” into funding scenarios that have nothing to do with 1970’s bayesian model crap.

I’m sorry but they got it wrong and although Kissinger was an oracle for some time, you should be diverting funding for such endeavors elsewhere and get out of “their business schemes” while you can. Transparency and all I might add, as I have stated many times.

Save yourselves and your department embarassment because as stated this is going to hit the fan for these ol’ timers who are going to take all the blame anyway. Besides the department has better things to do with vital capital resources, like going after fractured left-wing terrorists growing by the day and biomineralization scientists working overtly through gofunding schemes.

And to mention the opportunity in space exploration outshines the fraud of WEF climate change and the departments don’t want to be caught up in the litigation that will entangle and embarass investors, public personality, and partnerships with developing nations who want nothing to do with genocidal mandates that they have dealt with in the past.

SDG’s as proffered by many corporations to the public intermingled with removing petroleum is an embarassment. Lets be clear – there are two factions operating here. One who has the oil and one who does not. We could call them brothers from another mother and all the infighting globally will circulate around this reality until oil runs out, or Armageddon. Those are the current options by the way.

Sustainable models that combine technologies, innovation, knowledge and experience, empowering communities in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable goals simply mean levelling out energy profit for both sides of the fence, since one side does not have the oil reserves.

200 years of petroleum profit is a very dependable, stable income and thus the need to destabilize for those who are either jealous or would like to imbalance that profit a bit back into their own pocket. The other idea is to stop use of petroleum as a weapon against economy as was done by OPEC in the 1970’s. So there is a line here between commodity, energy, and weapon technology all while under the state of Moore’s and Thermodynamic law.

The “leaders” or aggregate profit reapers would like to hold onto power while culling a multi-billion population mob before the common folk take the power back through the same technology under Moore’s law. It would be a shame if the common rabble took over the ports of shipping petroleum and refineries all while denouncing paying for electrical service when there is no longer a need to do so right?

This imbalance placed in the hands of the vulgar is the real fear of both government and large enterprise for the simple fact the ideology of the creme de la creme does not allow for shared room in their space.

I can’t suggest this was a well conceived plan seeing that any amateur can get the actual data regardless of censorship and that data would undoubtedly be disseminated like the Hunter Biden pics that Americans are told are not real or don’t exist. The teenagers laugh at the lies and they will be the ones growing up in this aggressed genome catabolic state as the rebel fighters. If anything Ukraine has revitalized nationalistic pride to fight an enemy, so the psychology here is a negating effect.

So as the data continues to come to light as well as the safe and effective currently exempt crimes, American citizens can clearly see the threat they are facing by several corrupt entity and the directors of such, many (not all) of which claiming to be “Jewish” to avoid further scrutiny. Look at the writing on the wall. Ex-Presidential advisors, think-tanks, Generals, Homeland Security and SecDef personnel ally in removing this common WEF (political benefactors) threat against humanity.

It boils down to hypocritical selfishness wrapped up in doing humanity a favor through depopulating, mind numbing cannabis, limited-life dependent drugs, and non-projectile weapon systems of which everyone is aware unless you live in a cave propagandized onto the population through vaccine integration. This is for the simple required solution to keep profit churning for corporations under whatever enterprise you want to call it: socialism, capitalism, authoritarianism, altruistic communism. The isms of profit.

If we are going to rank threat of human genome extinction I’m not going to portray where they’re at on the list but you and I both know they’re in the top 10. So hey man, all we can do is provide the data, it’s up to smart people in government to be responsible and know when to exit bad strategy, albeit, whatever good intentions or mistakes were made there, and get back on the right track before colliding with the oncoming train.

Again, we warned for years on transparency and some of you had ample time to make corrections before the public got out the pitchforks and torches. I can say to those intent on wiping out society through some virus to keep yourselves from prison time is no longer an option, but you can save yourselves for awhile by relinquishing your planned actions and slithering back into the dark abyss from whence you came.

The problem with all Caesars is that they wish to hold onto the power once they have it. Money, law, and real estate included. This situation was inevitable under a central banking regime called the Federal Reserve Act launched in 1913. It doesn’t matter if it was ran by Germans, Hungarians, Russians, Jews, or Chinese – the end result would be the same under any assignat system. In 1913, the clock began ticking away the demise of assignat and several groups were allowed to live a very comfortable existance for the last 100 years of this time table and petroleum will undoubtably outlast the paper house of debt cards.

For an educated individual this is but basic economics and again the internet has changed the model of “knowledge absorbed” accelerating both a means of new monetary systems developed by smart people and technology for use by those who wish to stop smart people from taking away their pie.

Either way you cut it a sea change is in motion, as you know, and the models forecast assets in defense mode, which is precursor to a barricaded position and we know where that goes from there – dynamic entry. And why might you ask?

Well because not everyone is going to go down with the ship and to say the least the younger folk still want “to live” and quite honestly the “boomers” as the wealthy benefactors are called, were only taken seriously based on the prevalence you could provide, but the young billionaires still want to party and not be pariahs for the rest of their lives, while the leaders of the 4th reich are at the late stages of life and want to burn it all down.

Ever hear the prhase “Politicians are a dime a dozen.” They come and go like the wind in some regard while others seem to never go anywhere.

Maybe you’re not listening to their conversations on the mic, I know the guys who push the phone buttons do and what can I say – it’s pretty obvious.

It comes down to a bunch of old guys pissed off that people in general can have free electricity, print their own equipment and “sustainable” products to market and sell based on their savvy and just be the smart artistic humans that we are. The grandiose narcissist wishes to be worshipped and control all things to feed their super ego if we’re going to use psychology labels to describe the human behavior of a person who has mega-power to do anything. They simply want to keep the power to themself rather than share like a good person should.

It’s a pick your battle scenario for these young elite and as Elon Musk stated, “It’s boring.”

So let’s put this climate crap in the gutter where it belongs and the old guys on their way out can complain and stew all they like. As I’m reminded,

“You only need to worry about the soldiers when they stop complaining.”


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