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courtesy: Mathematical Modeling: A Tool for Optimization of Lipid Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery of siRNA


Everyone tells their story the way they lived it or what they want you to believe. Historically you can view this in segregated groups if so chosen, as is the way of the world now – segregate all into “groups” for the purpose of medical, insurance, and political logic at middle school level.

Once you move on to college you are fed more swine baloney. Eventually you’ll all be forced to make a decision based on money in which you sell out or choose to join the rebellion in Star Wars.

There is a Darth Vader and you currently have a front seat viewing of the Empire making it’s move.

The reality is simply this: everyone will tell their history based on what they know, their ancestry as passed down to them, regardless if you are a king or a peasant; we all have a tale to tell.

A teenage influencer is more a threat now than some fictional variant.

Even if you did “want to know” you couldn’t possibly understand my words as their too complicated based on run-on sentences as white noise drifting your baby heads off to sleep.

At the end of the day technologically all nations will battle to stay ahead of populations using the same tech to undo the tech being deployed on them.

No one knows how any of this is going to pan out except for the guys who know that Biblical prophecy is ¾ fini.

The rest of you are just guessing and trying to keep up.

Nano routers, big deal, the real question is how do you defend against it?

Conditioning fear control – works both ways if you didn’t know.

Cardiology advancement, ok, who cares when the cardiology will be controlled by various lipid nanoemulsion.

Leading humanity into the future of wondrous medical breakthroughs in cancer treatment through nano delivery is an obvious cattle tag – you don’t think we know this?

Of course you and I understand there isn’t a choice here. Once nano-delivery was conceived and sold as a “breakthrough in medical technology” that was it – keep up or get out of the way.

Not sustainable – again I predict eventually the streets being unsafe to tread for any terrorist politician promoting nano tagging. This will be a trend according to A.I. If you didn’t know this, well then, I just updated you.

Is the phrase “terrorist politician” succintly used in law? Not as of yet, nor for the purpose of outlawing the statement.

As of now it’s legal to say “terrorist politician” as long as not addressed or labeled upon an individual politican by name or as Scandalum Magnatum, or to incite violence to a particular entity. Lest politicians requirement to lay claim the doctrine politician refers to a specific office; prove not a contractor, lobbyist, or any officiant hitherto language that defines class of.

What legal speak am I communicating (volumes) and could not all of this be construed as fiction anyway?

Even if there is a completely successful global campaign that brings all people into harmony it will fail for one simple reason – it’s too easy to hack and counter and will invariably result in conflict.

You, your children, and your grandchildren entered a new age with the invention of the electron microscope in the 1980’s. Now you have to count the cost of that invention whether you want to or not.

Those in medicine naively believe this will aid humanity when sycophants have been making movies and stories for over 30 years telling you how they wish to exploit the tech for the purpose of controlling humanity. Certain groups envision a world where they can do anything as taskmasters for the purpose of their own pleasure.

Facts are difficult for the ignorant living in bliss. Why would anyone put faith in any General who lacks this information?

I certainly would not allow 2M soldiers to be controlled by foreign government nano devices, let alone by any nefarious group pretending to believe in God, and who have historically proven to be anti-humanity. That’s common sense in the real world.

This is currently blamed on white supremacy (nice try) and I can assure you those who point the finger are the ones behind the schemes, whoever that may be.

Ok we might as well be honest now since we already know this.

And although it is an obvious contradiction, billionaires claiming to be Jewish when they don’t believe in God, we know this is for the purpose of keeping the population at bay and confused to stereotype your evil on the rest of us Jews who actually serve Torah (as has always been done).

Insert _________ your faction here who destroys humanity while claiming to be religious.

Everyone promoting such will eventually produce angry armed citizens coming to your residence (chilean citizens place guillotine in front of parliament doors) until society either wholly accepts the transition (global harmony/slavery) or eradicates those intent on deploying it.

Welcome to the war for innerbody systems.


One can see that the A.I. Roads to redemption are faulty and in the case of Thermodynamics, “always pass to a state of greater disorder.”

The real answer and argument is defense. How does one defend against this? How does one protect the populations or provide a blanket defense to stop the other government from boondoggling citizens in-vivo with tech that counter corporate tech?

Tough to be sure. It seems the only answer is to dive headlong like a 175 kg, 5’10” man off an 85 foot cliff into alligator infested waters without even knowing that the guy who told you to jump planned it all. At least that’s what we just did.

Care to explain yourselves?

The word inept comes to mind.

But then again all of us have been inept in one way or another.

Regardless of the reality that this is not reversible like rat mazes at Arizona State University, how then shall we proceed because this ain’t in the manual that I’m familiar with?

Can someone provide an updated manual please.

Generally these types of situations result in the population questioning authority, with good reason, and ask the question “what are you doing about it?”

Of course we know this was planned but what plan survives contact with the enemy?

In the military if your submarine commander has been compromised, you are to immediately relieve of command. For good reason, sabotage could occur, lives are lost, the mission fails, or worse.

I dare say the answers you are giving are not bringing cohesive joy and unity to the masses, but rather a melancholy of swelling anger.

Military wise if we are examining Sci-Fi, brain washed soldiers who follow orders regardless of ethics; a solvable problem, theory being tested now mind you, that requires resolve at the synapses level.

Compromised Politicians expect compliance.

It won’t be long before many of you will not be safe walking the streets without a full fledge of body guards based on unpopular feedback media groups attempt to suppress. We’ve seen this before under Hitler, which is surprising to see some of the names involved here – absolute traitors to Israel, shoa, America, and all those murdered under the 3rd Reich.

One can just take a view of the riots in France and Greece and Italy to come for sure, we are waiting now, and can clearly see the absolute fury pouring out from a dociled populace.

Antifa and BLM (both politically organized) that I have witnessed don’t come close to the vengeance and organization that I see permeating around the globe. But this will be contained…ok sure I believe you.

I’m supposed to believe you can monitor and control any of these groups when you can’t even stop a bunch of crack dealing teenagers making $10,000 a week, in the U.K., all over the U.S., week after week.

I’m also supposed to believe, after training hundreds in psycho-kinectic fighting proven in every aspect of fighting as documented by the way, that you can contain groups from advanced fighting system methodology via a standard Jiu-Jitsu gym. Nano-monitoring what, trained bannanas you believe will be docile after reinforced through thousands of repetition? I don’t think so.

You couldn’t contain a bunch of ragtag socialists paid by politicians advertising directly through job sites like “indeed” and expect me to believe that you’ll contain a highly motivated well trained veteran population, trained in SERE, subterfuge, while enforced with moral rage?


As Spock would say, “I question your logic.”

Hitler also went crazy, right before he lost. Drugs, insanity, and murder tend to do that to people. He was ordering phantom divisions already defeated to invade uncontested real estate – madness knows no bounds when you’re insane. And quite honestly I don’t see a difference here.

Once again, ruling civilians, or soldiers with the rank of corporal like Hitler, have come to dominante a society with insane notions of grandeur, literally, no different that Hitler and in which must be defeated.

Your answer can be of several things:

  1. back off for a bit (you can’t do that now).
  2. keep at the startle probability for the next 7 years which every use of such may cause docility but will also cause resistance and defensive deployment (causality).
  3. Enforce with unpredictable results.

I don’t know who your advisors are, or what A.I. systems you’re consulting, but you’re getting bad advice that currently display detrimental effect on security and defense for tier 1 operations.

Maybe the A.I. has run the scenario 2,000 times before you deployed the strategy, but again, you haven’t even updated the manuals yet of which I can only chalk up to a security failure on your part, blatant stupidity, or lack of knowledge.

Which is it?

It seems to me someone pulled the trigger early out of desperation, a real screwup, and the question begs how much of humanity is going to be laid waste for a psychotic group of rich people?

An inept leadership who has allowed penetration and I quote, “you are unfamiliar with the tactics being deployed against your organizations by civilians, albeit very wealthy foreign contractors intent on your demise.”

Where are you getting your extremely bad data from A.I. computers that say they are 90% right when they are failing over 50% of the time?

Now you listen to a bunch of liars playing both sides who claim to be “religious” and part of us, Jews, as we are called by ignorant nations. How many of these atheists claim to be “Engl-ish Jew-ish” where the word was developed?

I can tell you they are not – they are frauds pretending to be of YHWH. Same sex marriage and hermaphrodite genome manipulation is their ideology and their gods are their atheist leaders.

That’s who you want to rule over you? Not this Jew.

Did you know, I am speaking direct to military staff now, many Biblical documents which have already proven to be true throughout history have also predicted that this terrorist group would be completely wiped out, but only after they create much destruction world wide. You can read in Greek at the War College if you like.

Politicans brought this on themselves to be sure and good luck changing the laws to provide more protection for yourselves before the uprising.

The old phrase rings to mind “A dime a dozen.”

Yes the population is confused, naturally seeing they are unfamiliar with the doctrine. Just like I am talking now, no one knows what I am talking about – not a clue. Maybe some of you do, but overall the status says the population is generally brainless cellphone zombies that jump from one addiction to the next or “multi-tasking” as the dinosaurs like myself refer.

And easily compromised. Do you remember the story about the sub commander? You do well know, of course, the active engagement campaigns (AEC’s) have now gone to the biomolecular arena, right?

Of course you know that. Well then, what about the defensive measures commercially against foreign surreptitious cellular routing through excitatory neurotransmission? Again, please update the manuals and hire some personnel that can explain the groups which have compromised the think tanks and the basics of hiring a carpenter, let alone an aircraft mechanic. All contractors… well you get the picture from there.

How do you stop the simple plumber or optics cable installer from getting nano compromised by enemies both foreign and domestic? That’s where we’re at. What does the manual state?

And what about the docility of the 20 something gen, which again, can be reversed through simple military training, by any faction mind you. They’re base and they’re weak from video gaming since the age of 5. Without traditional sporting venue there would be nothing left as to a defensive initiative physically.

We can score fitness per country or sum this with the World Military Games and  I would like to see a forecast of that data ten years from now.

Never mind the computer already tells us based on facts.

And now on top of the excitatory inhibition you have groups that can compromise inner bio systems which can compromise whole departments, labs, production operations, and logi supply.

Hello McFly? Knock…knock..knock. Are you in there?

This is not funny or …LOL but rather a progressive conditioned state that suggest 85% of you will never know what this means. Sadly.

But quite honestly the data is not meant for you as civilians. You’re the ones to be protected and served by the righteous who swore an oath to protect you.

I ask now, are your protectors still the righteous or have an intention to do good, or is it in their benefit alone for good? The benefit for just the taskmasters.

I think you have your answer – just read the news.

This also prove academia is now worthless as an advertised anything. The think tanks are now completely compromised. TikTok videos of Sponge Bob generate more brain data than any academic thesis or peer review ever did. You’re not needed anymore when a state funded program answers to no one and performs “tests” on subjects to keep up with governments that answer to no one.

The mere fact the words “aerogel” and “magnetite” are conditioned into childrens mPFC through video game interaction prove the lack of defense in commercial markets when discussing magnetoreception. Or did you think it would just be a one sided opportunity?

“Posterior Medial and Orbitofrontal Areas and Long-Term Memory Medial and orbitofrontal cortices are robustly connected with structures associated with long-term memory and inhibited by vesicular release.”

Freedom of expression in Science – a thing of the past, perhaps.

Biblical I get it. The problem is no one guessed a Hitler or that Hitler would be quickly defeated, albeit with horrendous loss of life.

They watched it develop, very quickly mind you, 1934 to be precise and yet it seems that the top class structure is intent on bringing this nightmare back to the mainstream. Interesting to note that many are German with German names. Perhaps the ones who escaped justice from Nuremberg?

That explains the request to throw away the Nuremberg ethics, so what was done, can be done all over again.

You tell me.

Have any of you for one moment asked the question – Germans who grew up in the aftermath of WWII, move to America, blended in and now just want revenge?

Let me get this straight, Germans pretending to be Jews, on trial right now for underage sex crimes, and many times previous, point the finger at poor white folk and call them Nazi’s? You all fell for what could not possibly be more stupidly obvious.

When I say Germans, I literally mean “Germans with German last names,” not a white guy from Virginia you call Nazi’s or white supremacists.

They simply distracted from themselves by pointing at poor southern folk. I can say without a doubt all you did was blame everything on the real Jews – us, as I read in the forums daily.

How do you know if someone is Jewish? I will tell you –




Henry Makow, from his writings is absolutely furious with what he calls “satanic masonic organizations,” and I say, forgive me for my harsh language, “You foolishly have not realized they are Germans being a Jew from Makow? What part of the name sake from Germany did you not understand?”

As a Zawada Jew whose family survived Dachau I ask, “how did you overlook this?”

Growing up we would watch war movies and couldn’t wait to see Nazi’s get whooped. Americans are the good guys the Germans are the bad guys as seen in the Guns of Navarone.

Me and my family attest along with millions, that the Germans were and some still are the bad guys, but they don’t live in Germany. In fact they run many of our institutions in both Israel and America. How did this happen you may ask? Out of survival and revenge.

Now the Nazi’s, risen from the ashes and are actively engaged in a campaign against America to overthrow you and try to make you believe that us Jews are doing it!

Do you even know what kind of hell our families had to go through? We are telling you they are not Jews! How much more evidence do you need? Stop blaming us for what they are doing! Please God once and for all stop this psychotic seed of destruction.

May YHWH grant revenge upon our enemies. May Adonai cause their schemes to fall upon their own heads. YHWH, may He catch them in their own snares and deliver His people as Elohim has delivered us from your hands many times in history.

It seems Kaluszyn follows us and both the Russian and German pretend to be our friends as they have always done. I give Russia credit where credit is due in liberating us from the same tyrants trying to destroy the world now. I say the Russians pretend to be our friend as they must hold to their own values and mission while dealing with us.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is blaming us regular Jews for what’s being done to humanity and to the world and you know this – that’s your plan.

A terrorist cell, as well known, can infiltrate into a country through a government, or through an organization, or through relatives who live in the target zone. Over time they infiltrate ethics committee’s, get government jobs, become doctors and CEO’s. Some go on to run Pharma and Wall Street companies.

The actions and the hypermodels, both red team and A.I. suggest that this is the course and that in order to stop humanity from being killed off by a few terrorist groups, like Hitler tried to do, the military can delpoy force and easily take them down, with quite honestly limited resources.

That’s a decision for the COC. I am merely delegating what the data states as millions will be echoing a similar sentiment either peacefully or violently through factiones that are being formed as we speak. But you are monitoring those factions.

I surmise that will be the end that justifies the means. Do you think average amateur Smith out there can’t make a computer model to show what’s going on? What about 2 years from now when medical data explodes? How will your atheist psychotic masters shield that data? Maybe you have an answer.

And what about all the Jews that are currently being blamed for what these groups do pretending to be us?

I believe all the honest ethical Rabbi would like an answer on that.

Maybe just keep everything wrapped up in courts every 2 years, lay off for a bit when the court cases start backing up with wins, and then start all over again. A civil case in California will take 2 to 5 years, likewise in NY. It’s just simple abuse of a system. A loop hole for medical chicanery ran by enemies of the state. But you either have not figured that out yet, work with them out of blackmail, or fell to fictional promises translated through $$$ seems to be the lock, stock, and barrel.

Science fails to reason why humanity has survived plague, world war, multiple attempts at genocide and simple bacteria that would kill off any other specie. Mankind has the ability to “smell” action through sixth sense and not even docility brain washing schemes can stop this. God has implemented defense in the cortex against this, but your scientists have not figured this out yet. Tick tock you rascals.

It’s the reason you can sit on a couch watching TV and instinctively look at a bug on a wall. They’re still trying to figure that out, but you’ll still listen to a bunch of insane profit driven personalities tell you that it’s necessary to nanite all prospects for medical and military purpose.

The naivety is astonishing and of course requires military action to put an end to, of which I have no doubt this will be a ping pong contest by both world powers. Who will win?

According to documents thousands of years old, which already contain proven historic reality, these extant documents already prove who wins this. More emphatic how government is betrayed and used to usher in their timely destruction.

We know that 100M asians and Turks backed by a communist army will succumb to a predicted fate through leaders caught up in the lies of the charlatans – all for the purpose of what can be referred to as “depopulation” a buzz word when in reality it’s just Tom Foolery by a couple groups Hell destined that wish to stay in power far past their due date.

Who could have predicted that the Hashemite kingdom which ruled for 800 years would become the fire starter. Syria, ran by business men and destined for this end where all nations hash out their destiny.

Yet very few even know that there is a proxy war in Syria right now; a decade running.

But how does this affect the entire world? You have front row seats right now. A powder keg between Greece, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Iran, Europe and America waiting to go; China anxiously awaiting to observe the outcome. Chess for Taiwan as governments hack up the world over resources.

The Australians joined the pac between Korea and China as predicted years ago. But who predicted Australia to be logistically cut off and become a viceroy not under the English?

The news in both America and Europe ignore the fact the Australians have been cut off which undoubtably tells you they are not on the side of freedom. Again they DO NOT advertise, nor state the Australians have been cut off logistically like any sanctioned country committing crimes against humanity.

Go ahead and try to mail something to Australia from America and you’ll be told this,

Where are the reporters and investigative news source?

Proving these organizations are no longer needed anyway due to web access. We see everything you’re not telling us on top of the fact we know you are frauds. If anyone wants something they can either hack it, take by brute force, or engage until they have results. Just ask the FBI cyber division maybe they’ll explain this non-fiction to you.

This is the reality the world lives. Any amateur can watch live penetration globally https://www.fireeye.com/cyber-map/threat-map.html through simple software gauging traffic.

What purpose do these fraudulent organizations serve now besides propaganda, filth, or fictional chatat? They exist to show the difference between good and evil, just and unjust. You have to view this with your own eyes to know the difference.

Do you really know your advisors? Perhaps their under the same misinformation, and soon their amygdala’s will be waging war between any commercial entity desiring to plug-in their own “bio app,” including all our protective staff in every institution.

Hmm, but you have an answer for this; that’s not a question as I know you don’t.

Each individual must be their own personal health advocate and information advocate as the landscape is completely hostile and censored – the only way it could’ve gone.

There is a vast difference in the way Chinese, Americans, and Europeans think – very different. The initiatives are temporary thus distraction markers. One would have to ask why all the chicanery when the inevitable is failure?

Some groups enjoy watching it all burn so they can rebuild based off their deranged delusions and I can tell you it’s never going to pan out the way they want or envision.

What is the intel discussing the FACT web access provides data for 30,000,000 sherlock holmes activists? For every Assange and Snowden is an army of techs who have seen the data – now what? I suppose they’ll all just follow along or else.

How does one stop the angry mob? Please tell me how that works when you have been unable to do so through docility action since the 16th century under Henry VIII and the methods involved are not only unethical, but lead to aggression and resistance, which you say you have contained except for a slew of countries, America, Brazil, India, and Israel to name a few.

Thus, the purpose for downregulating the activity of glutamatergic synapses, which again will affect neuromilitum transliteration from amygdala – causality effect is an army ran by techs easily hacked or defeated prion succession.

To translate for you geniuses you will have effectively annihilated your own army. It takes a lowly scribe with no scrambled eggs on my head to tell you this? Trying to keep up now…at your pace, I can say brutally honestly you need to employ defense as quickly as possible or you will find a broken arrow with heads between your legs. Reminds of Dak To really and some of these guys were probably sitting in the War College wearing stipes getting educated.

Who are you actually war gaming this with, an MIT college kid?

Science Fiction ray guns that mow down entire streets of soldiers without firing a shot. Again how do you counter ANY AEG willing to deploy, and I can’t even believe I am saying this right now, at the commercial level??? A similar situation occurred after the bombing in Beirut and successful deployment of anti-vehicular IED’s for protecting embassies. This is non-classified data.

But I suppose somehow you’ll stop frequency wars out of the necessity for survival for the average family out there.

Explain how you counter the embodiment of 30M citizens walking around as IED’s oblivious? I couldn’t tell ya how to prep for that test and right now all I see is “mums the word.”

According to your own government websites, which advertises the PhD peer reviewed data for anyone to examine, how is it you failed to realize this?

Did you not read the same data that we are reading?

Please explain, I’ll wait for an answer, cause the best and the brightest don’t have one. I suppose somewhere in the bowels of DARPA or perhaps on Mars you have Pinky and the Brain writing out a new patent. But that would suggest that you’re smarter than everyone else out there who says you’re not and shove the data in our faces to prove it.

I’m just saying you have a problem internally. It’s not the public it’s your contractors.

Have you seen Hardcore Henry?

I’d really like to know.

Just a stupid fiction movie right? Along with all the other forecasting aspects for decades that the top brass haven’t got a clue what it means. Why should you, you’re not Jewish. Your job is to follow orders.

So from my perspective, we see both the penetration, propaganda about the intrusion (public policy) and the fact there is nothing you or any government can do about it. Conspiracy to the beer drinking college kid and 30 somethings watching too much TV – the majority. keep in mind these nanited worker bees, required for all economic structure mind you, can be hacked by any and all; that is, at least what the scientists are telling us.

So who are you tricking about anything? Video game fanatics that don’t care anyway? You’re certainly not tricking any individual looking at hard data and you certainly cannot stop the flow of that hard data unless you’re China. That seems to be the goal as the lies expose the shenanigans in every venue.

The rantings of an out of date spectator. Maybe so, but my glasses are not as wide as others who, forgive the language, are still able to kick tail.

And why should our elite fighters commit? For temporary lies and hand over the future of their children for a fiat that will soon be defunct? I don’t think so, or perhaps for the cause of the British, perchance revenge for the Germans pretending to be us Jews.

We follow orders until those orders become ideologically incompatible with reason or sanity and require fragging. I don’t know what army you represent. Has your paid for in blood American values for 300 years wasted away due to an enemey we have already defeated? The constitution was written while releasing the grip of tyranny by England through united Americans.

Don’t give up hope America. There are still some brave Generals amongst you, faith in God to crush the wicked, and a people who fear God and unite their prayers in victory against these hell horde villains.

Hyper modellers, generally civilians motivated by aspiration of wealth and success  can never care for the welfare of the army or it’s logistical stability to be sure.

I surmise based on experience and history that groups in desperation generally bite off more than they can chew. Bad decisions can lead to tactical outcomes the AI supercomputer could not possibly fathom and in which we know they are vastly inaccurate in the early stages of development. Those aiding and abetting these eventual losers will succumb sadly to the same fate that bought them out.

Do you want to be the guy or gal after all is said and done to say, “Oops we made a mistake?” That’s what the Nuremberg trials were and are for.

After your masters are attacked by all countries of the world to stop their annihilation of humanity will you feign ignorance before the armies rescuing us once again?

I can tell you it won’t be so. After all is said and done the way of life known by both billionaire and poor alike will never be the same. Your idea of a blissful metaverse will never entail. What will entail is the things we have always known – subjugation through war. Whether to free humanity as we did for those under Hitler, or whether a Hitler finally rules with an iron fist.

Doctors who ignore or stay quiet for the purpose of protecting your job and income, for your family no doubt, will succumb to the same fate as everyone else – then what? You are just buying time for yourself to live the same cushy life by betraying your fellow man and all your hippocratic oaths. And for what to live comfortably a little while longer for an eternity of hell fire?

That’s why the gig is up and the worm has turned. Doctors and governments are no longer trusted (as currently extant) due to greed and this will lead to revolution, regardless of communist intervention and rightfully so.

“Treade a worme on the tayle, and it must turne agayne.”

Moreover, as we are witnessing, the derivatives allow for many corporations to be deposed and replaced by both anti-humanity embodiment or those intent on stopping them through surreptitious sedition.

Kind of like chess.

For us Bible thumpers we already know who wins.