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Cell Phones Track Your Every Movement & Will Enslave You Financially

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China set to lead world to cashless society: UK professor

“In some ways, China appears to be already ahead of much of the world, in the way that non-cash transactions can be made for very small purchases. Matthews said he visited China and used his phone to buy a mango from a street vendor for the equivalent of just a few pennies.

He told the Xinhua reporter he was amazed to see people who he’d expected to prefer using cash, such as the elderly, small shop owners, and street vendors, used their phones for transactions rather than cash.

In the west, some people have warned that digital cash is fine for the young, but not suitable for older people. ‘China is setting an example on digital payment to the rest of the world and is showing us that, in fact, age is not an impediment,’ he said.”


The pro-China website fridayeveryday.com claims to be,

“FRIDAYEVERYDAY is the online arm of Friday Culture Ltd, a group of friends from Hong Kong who want to present our beloved city and country through the eyes of people who live here.”

In reality the site parrots government propaganda similar to both British and U.S. government data, which is easily diagnosed through their short articles promoting China dominance, nationalism, and quixotic absorption of Hong Kong culture and history.

The Borg must eat.

Unlike the Chinese population, who have little freedom of choice from their communist government pretending to be capitalist, Americans understand that cell phones and a cashless society is for total control – dominance and tracking of everything you do over your entire life.

If cell phones (your personal tracking device) are used for all purchasing then, this means you will be issued cell phones (as done by the Obama administration) rather than buy them to keep you in the loop as a tracked, tagged, and digitalized monetary unit.

As of now you still have a trend of lesser intelligent spending $1200 on their personal tracking device so they can keep up with a camera/emoji gadget. However, like all trends as poverty blankets the soon to be A.I. landscape of out-of-work, robot replaced population, citizens will no longer be able to afford luxury cell phones.

Projects such as SNAP and WIC or similar government outlets will start supplying the phones free of charge to make sure the poorest slave can be tracked and forced to spend with a digital barcode – with China leading the charge according to their data.

It’s why Klaus Schwab said the Chinese are more important as a labor force due to hundreds of years of cultural pacification. They won’t rebel to enforced cell phone /  digitization to make them better slaves, when they currently are required to live at the factories they work in many regard at low wage standards.

The Chinese “juggernaut” is only as unstoppable as their lamenting citizens and culture allow such a governing force to continue to beat them down as mere ants lumped as “sustainable development goals” for Nazi’s to play with economically.

Here in America, although their installed politicians continually try to take away the 400+ million firearms Americans will use to defeat this Nazi horde, the “elites” will find that cell phones will be as the “beeper” cast away for a new product that blocks government spying and control scenarios. Unless of course they weaponize Ebola and kill off your family as the Deagel-2025-Forecast-by-Country suggest before Americans rise up and defeat the Nazi’s once again.

CBDC may become a reality in this competitive crypto world, as Moore’s law says technology is no longer controllable by any singular entity or governing force, but with it grows the understanding that it will indeed be used as a monetary weapon for more control, as we are told, so it’s in our best interest to say just as we did to the British,

“Proud Albion bow’d to Caesar,
And numerous lords before,
To Picts, to Danes, to Normans,
And many masters more;
But we can boast Americans
Have never fall’n a prey,
Huzza, huzza, huzza, huzza
For Free America.”