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Impact of Health Misinformation

Homey the Clown courtesy In Living Color

Origin: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/indiana-ag-sends-hhs-list-of-covid-misinformation-promoted-by-cdc-public-health-officials/

Indiana Attorney General COVID Misinformation Submission pdf

It would seem the individuals running the CDC have turned the organization into what is considered a “clown show” and the only thing accomplished during the Covid fraud for the organization was to expose to the world that it’s ran by corrupt individuals and corporations who must be held accountable under investigation by both the good people at the FBI and the DOJ, which the controlled news continues to lambast as the villains.

In fact, felonious data whether proven in a court of law makes no difference for the now tainted organization under investigation, of which the Attorney Generals office states,

“As such, the disinformation (from the CDC) has led to great harm in the lives and livelihoods of Americans. We submit the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair,” Todd Rokita, Indiana State Attorney General.

I disagree with the statement that it will take “decades to repair,” Moore’s law debunks the statement.

The criminal actions cannot be repaired, only justice administered to those responsible for the atrocity of failed NP vaccination for the purpose of control.

The Netherlands along with many nations reveal the true purpose of NP vaccination,

“During the corona crisis, EU member states joined forces and jointly purchased vaccines. Now that conventional warfare is back in Europe, purchasing power must be pooled to efficiently spend member states’ rapidly rising defence budgets. The European Commission is pressing for this in a proposal published on Wednesday.

Due to the continued arms deliveries to Ukraine, European armed forces are rapidly running out of their stocks of weapons and ammunition. The Commission wants to encourage Member States to cooperate in replenishing these stocks and is putting forward an incentive premium of EUR 500 million. In the long term, it wants to encourage consortia for the joint development and purchase of defence systems. Cooperation could be stimulated by waiving VAT.” Michel Kerres NRC – the news wing of the Netherlands government.

At least the NRC makes it easy for their citizens to understand who runs their newspaper:

(front page of the NRC news partner)

The eugenics crowd will not win the war is our conclusion along with hundreds of other attorney groups to see victory through.

Government departments who are filled with complicit foreign psychology tactics aimed at U.S. citizens will be revamped. As we understand it the departments are compromised by both NP vaccination and installed directors. Our advise may fall on deaf ears in regard to investigations forthcoming as the software completely shows a purge due.

Revamping their organization will not be enough. We are looking at oversight committees and wondering aloud how deep the investigation will go for the dismantling as the bugs run for cover.

We expect the department to be renamed and reorganized with defunding underway for the 11k plus employees of the organization. And this coming from the organization that defeated a multi-billion $$$ retail firm. At this time no comment can be made concerning the litigation.

And of course it is “misinformation” like this that administrations would like to shut down in attempts to setup sham disinfo organizations through DHS by hiring Mary Poppins singing candidates. Proving once again, we need a revamping there as well for these infiltrated departments by foreign banking groups trying to control policy and litigation here in the States.

It’s a dirty world we live in folks.

It’s each employees job within DHS to know who you are working for. If you suspect that you’re boss is working for a foreign government, a bank, or a bio-products company, then it is your duty to investigate and roll them up. We know you will do your job the best you can as we pray to YHWH to increase your abilities, your protection, and deliverance.

I know alot of you don’t believe in God, but alot of us do and we are praying for your strength and victory in your organizations. That God will position you to victory and get justice for the victims you see daily as you investigate these criminals.

We also see a long list of fund draining sham stuctures in development with the CDC such as, “The tiny teeth inititative,” in which Facebook uses the same lingo in their medical projects – the Zuckerberg Chan Initiative which developed the Australian vaccine. Boy you guys are easy to catch.

“In 2019, CDC launched the Protect Tiny Teeth initiative in collaboration with partners. The initiative includes an oral health toolkit to raise awareness about the importance of oral health as part of prenatal care.” The Cato Institute

The oral health toolkit in my opinion is simply project poision. Structures like this will be cancelled along with individuals and contractors employed to run the ball of such poison projects.

As their partners in crime distance themselves from the failed narratives, including media like the New York Times, they smile in glee as if we were not watching them with a mic rolling the entire time!

They believe they can continue to evaporate trust in government, which they have successfully acquiesced in the minds of a percentage of the population. They do have a small audience, not even close to the 50M audience of Joe Rogan. And that’s just a glimmer of new independent media we’re looking at across the board while the legacy news continues to lose profit and pretend they have a much broader audience than they actually do.

They are in full panic as litigation closes in on them as they try to bring down the system around them to escape justice. It won’t work.

The percentages these organizations were going after was never going to gather much past 30% of the country, as the current data suggest.

The British Guardian newspaper (considered far left) having a U.S. founding since 2011 is allowed to advertise lies to the American public daily on Corona virus vaccination, which really tells you the bad actors and con-men behind alot of the misinformation. The Guardian suggests that 89% of Americans over age 65 have been vaccinated at least once, which we can clearly tell you is fabricated lies.

The point is to make you believe that it’s true so you hurry out and get nanoparticles jabbed into you as well. They have entwined the majority of the British and Australian population in their fictions and wish to export their lies of “better without guns” and “fully jabbed” to America while manipulating the actual medical data and culture. We see how well it’s going in the U.K. and Australia and can say, NO THANK YOU.

Our investigation of the UCL Nanomaterials Laboratory located at The Royal Institution of Great Britain reveals the planned nanoparticle vaccine development going back to 2012. The British are fully aware as are the lawyers in depositions as to their pre-planned NP vaccination of society well before the lab variant of Sars was intorduced into the population.

And quite honestly it’s hard to imagine career politicians making a choice that would benefit the people of America. Certainly neither the Democrat or Republican parties do so although we are told daily it’s not their fault – stuff happens right?

Meanwhile, $5 Trillion, with a T, is being handed out to the Pharma Bank and their insurance partners from tax dollars you earn from your weekly paycheck. Both parties of congress signed it. Executive Orders signed by both Presidents.

But it’s for your benefit as well as the benefit for all who lost family members during their giant concocted fraud, which if you continue to deny then you are neither sane nor fit to hold office in medical, legal, or law enforcement capacity.

However, they did expose themeselves as the sham organizations they are in league with their criminal actions, bribery, and stock schemes and it’s merely a matter of time at this stage before the hammer of justice will fall on those leading these institutions. Unlike Wall Street I am bullish on victory here.

We predicted Jack Dorsey’s escape from Twitter two years previous, as we translated his testimony before the Senate and made the corrections C-SPAN would not. Dorsey could view the investigations heading his way and be removed when deemed fit.

Elon Musk has proven that Twitter was what it always was – a front for misinformation and a tool used to control group think and elections. Have you ever seriously used the platform for any advertising? Our investigation display Twitter follower services as fake indian/admixed foreign throw away accounts.

I recommend selling your position before it’s buried but don’t take my advice, I’m just a guy who predicted he would be removed. It’s too bad that the bird was used for malice, but that’s what happens when you sell out to the bad guys.

Yes unlike the nonsense you see advertised by apostates to you daily, to hide what they are doing themselves, there are actual James Bond, pet the white cat villains; criminal masterminds. Real people doing bad things and it’s your job and the job of those working within the Federal government to catch them.

“Catch Me If You Can,” Indeed. Everyone enjoys fiction from time to time.

As Moore’s law continues to prove that governments can no longer keep up with disseminated data, nor control it, or bury all evidence, the people will continue to be educated until the reckoning which no government can control. Humanity, through pre-programmed DNA will exercise their innate survival regardless of control measures, psychology, or depopulation schemes.

The genome aggression response, as previously explained in Canine as Litmus is proving ever more to be the reality think tanks attempt to ignore.