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Can the U.S. Military Defeat the Russian Military?

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The question really does stab at ego, national pride on both sides of the fence, and a loyalty at defending hundreds of years of family military service for many veterans to be sure in both Russia and the USA.

Our competitive ventures through sports and olympics have been the tales of sweet victory or defeat for both sides over the last 50 years. Both our national pride demand victory and at the same time respect for one another capabilities to drive on for victory as both our nations accomplished in WWII against the Nazi’s.

So this is not a difficult question to be answered in 5th Generation warfare as compared to budget spending. And I certainly will not insult the Russian military or it’s proud families who have served their military, giving their lives to fight against their enemies.

They have my respect as soldiers who serve, regardless of political posturing.

As an American in a family of veterans my loyalty is to my country with traditional pride to be sure.

The U.S. 2023 defense budget is aprox., $773B and you can examine the National Defense Budget Estimates for FY 2023 pdf.

The Russian Federation budget,

“Since May 2022, the Russian government has not released much data on the defense budget. Nevertheless, defense spending from January to April totaled almost 1.6 trillion rubles ($26.4 billion), with about 500 billion rubles ($8.3 billion) of spending per month for March and April. Considering these dynamics in comparison with Moscow’s defense spending in previous years—roughly 300 billion rubles ($5 billion) per month—and the fact that the original defense budget in 2022 was 3.85 trillion rubles ($63.6 billion), the true amount for Russian defense spending in 2022 may well reach as much as 5.5 trillion rubles ($90.9 billion) by the end of the year (Budget.gov.ru, May 2022).” https://jamestown.org/program/russias-skyrocketing-defense-spending-2022-2023/

So there is a 7x difference in spending alone. Logistically this is a one sided narrative.

As the argument to manpower, the anti-America forums will tell you that America’s tranny army will be wiped out is laughably ridiculous.

I think it’s obvious that the transgender attrition warfare being plagued upon our military is from traitors working for foreign governments within our political parties. Attempting to destabilize both recruitment into military, while demoralizing the already currently serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces through an infinitesimal percentage of transgender recruits being launched to the forefront of news headlines to debase and mock our society.

This is understandably called attrition before an enemy launches an invasion. So we know there are traitors within the parties actively working against the United states military institutions and departments (doing it openly) enjoying positions of which they were installed by enemies or traitors of the U.S. and it’s citizens.

The only question remains, when war kicks off will these traitors be removed by force, imprisoned or some other end fate? Time will tell, but it’s obvious that the PsyOp against American soldiers both on and off the battlefield is ongoing by factions who are funded within the U.S., indeed at the highest levels, which is a talking point by think-tanks, ex SecDefs and Generals alike.

Corruption is rampant and noticeably funded by foreigners who control policy at the WH. Future decisions by our “leaders” will reveal who they work for, either American’s or the other sides, as war is inevitable within the next few years.

As to battlefield operations against Russia as ground forces. I think without tactical nukes we both know the outcome of conventional warfare. I don’t need to say it out loud as it will only be taken as an insult. I have no illusions about our U.S. military capability as proven for decades. The Russian military is now experiencing modern warfare for the first time since Afghanistan/Serbia, while the U.S. has done so continuously for over two decades. Everything takes time to learn, requires manpower, and sustainable logistics.

“The problem for Russia is that it cannot engage in open confrontation with its rivals, neither in political nor military domain. The Russian government feels that its conventional capabilities are far inferior to those of the West. As Russia cannot compete symmetrically, it chooses to damage its rivals in asymmetrical ways (Boulègue & Polyakova 2021).” Hybrid Warfare pdf

And I’m not going to argue the warmongering semantic as this article is simply the question of what military wins or succumbs to defeat, which in itself is pure assumption as to an open ended scenario with complete Biome destructive weapons both countries possess.

In any sense of the word it’s by no means a win for either side, or for the world for that matter. If we consider ground assault such as committed by Ukrainian forces currently then there is no question that an overwhelming push would cross Russian defensive positions if U.S. forces would engage.

Overwhelming Air superiority would first be established by multiple allies in which the Russian Federation has neither the replacable technical manpower or equipment to counter, which brings us back to Earth-destroying-weapons in last ditch attempts to stop annihilation.

And I will say the recent Ukrainian counter-offensive was an abysmal failure. Any reporter who says otherwise is a fraud. Tens of thousands KIA, the equipment all but destroyed. It’s as if the COC decided to burn all the equipment in some hasty ambush that was designed to fail – total cannon fodder. Watching the battlefield display, one is left with their jaw hung open shaking their head at the absolute inept leadership on the field.

I’m sure the General staff is doing the best they can with the training and experience they have, but the soldiers deserve better than to be thrown into combat as fodder with used equipment meant to be burnt, which seems to be the goal here.

Notably, Ukrainian procurement of new equipment from U.S. manufacturers some months ago will take at least six months to enter service passing rigorous testing, training manpower, and replacing the soldiers who were just lost in the offensive.

So if we do see negotiations at the table, it’s simply from the fact alot of $$$ have been spent and corporate powers (U.S. & Europe) are satisfied with the signed contracts as Ukraine re-equips with new, shiny gear, while Russia tightens the belt on their supply chain and production capacity.

By November if there are negative resource/energy agreements on the table besides Russia’s demand of a non-NATO presence, we can expect a new offensive with new equipment. However, personnel will have little training and preparation for the theater while keeping morale together under an exasperated and decimated main force.

The blood-thirsty warhawks who desire to “push at all costs” should be visited by every parent weeping over their loved ones.

So there is no victory here without mass human casualty and may YHWH grant our current leaders both in Russia and the USA the wisdom to avoid total devastation of our populations and cultures.

In 1945 our armies met at the historic Elbe River in Germany while defeating our common enemy – the Nazi’s.

“The Meeting on Elbe is a symbol of great relations between great nations. And we demonstrated to the whole world that, despite our different formations, we told the world the following words: ‘Let’s live together’ and ‘together we are better,'” said Alexei Leonov. https://www.rbth.com/international/2016/04/28/emphasis-on-bridge-building-between-russia-and-us-at-elbe-ceremony_588909

As to actual engagements in combat that’s left to those who experienced such…if and when this ever occurred,

“1-0 Lynne Black and 1-1 Doug LeTourneau were on a secret mission into the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Vietnam. LeTourneau was monitoring their radio when out of the blue came ‘RT Idaho. Come in, RT Idaho.’ Surprised, he responded. The voice then asked what they were doing. It was spoken in English, but with a heavy Russian accent recognized by Black. He went on to inform them he knew their coordinates and that they were going to be either killed or captured. This conversation lasted over 15 minutes, with startling intel coming from the Russian, including his knowing Black’s and LeTourneau’s names. He also revealed the name of another team member he knew had just gone home. The team was soon extracted under heavy enemy fire. It clearly demonstrated that MACV-SOG had a serious leak, a mole, directly in their inner circle.” https://sofrep.com/news/russian-military-experts-bigfoot-sightings-vietnam-war/

My personal opinion is that we need to root out the moles in our military, government, and politicians who pretend to serve the U.S. while it is very clear they work for the other side.

And that other side is our true enemies that both Russia and the U.S defeated, the Nazi’s, and should be our focus to once again rid the world of this evil horde desparate to destroy civilization and pit each of us against one another.