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Bluescreened – from the Urban Dictionary


  • When one hears information so shocking or world-view-shattering that one’s mind goes temporarily blank.
When I learned that Armmie Hammer is a cannibal, I bluescreened for 10 seconds before I could form another thought.
by internet stole my life February 23, 2021
When a computer crashes and shows an error message with a blue background. Generally makes your computer unusable until you reboot.
The new itunes was running great until it decided to bluescreen on me and I lost my homework.
by muzikluvir November 1, 2005


v. To be killed by a Bill Gates vaccine
He only had a cough but the doctor bluescreened him with the Covid-19 vaccine.

by Allegedly Dave April 13, 2020

In a sane world, where cute puppies frolic about, where cats chase lasers, springing off walls into plastic bags of joy a sort of peace can be expected as you barbecue for your family and friends while getting ready for the football game. This is the world of bliss for many and ignorance of reality.

The real world is awakening in a prison hole surrounded by malefactors, diseased personnel, and savage murderers. Awakening to neighbors screaming from mortar shells that just blew apart their house with children inside. Watching the very politicians take leadership roles when they’re unfit for discerning who their handlers are and what their common agenda is.

Imagine waking up every morning to go to work investigating a list of homicides that keep coming in, each one seemingly more brutal than the last. Or foreign spies wreaking havoc in the neighborhood you grew up in, working with Americans, employing them to carry out terrorist activity for their warped ideology.

Chasing down possible cells committed to getting their hands on backpack nukes or deadly pathogens that can wipe out New York City – this is the real world we wake up in daily.

All while having to juggle James Bond villain philanthropists who just purchased a white cat. Yes they have to be managed as well in this blissful world.

The youth are fully aware of the “death shot.” The memes portray as much of their ignorance as they laugh off the annihilation of society. I can say they are quicker at tasks, jumping to and fro as taught through gaming since their childhood. However, they are more gullible as expressed through mass propaganda and censorship which is coming to a head.

The Canadiens and Australians, such a sad story there of indoctrination, but their cinema movies over the last two decades told them what was coming as they were slowly churned into compliant fools of self destruction. Listen to the mic of gamers from Canada – a sad tale of indoctrination. Portugal, what a mess, they will get revenge on those who sold them out to be sure.



All steps in measure against these cultures and the nervous enemy pulled the trigger too fast.

Notice how Bourla got cornered there as he becomes frantic to escape answering for the death toll all over the globe from Pfizer’s safe and effective vaccine as labeled by the corrupt Directors of the CDC who will be facing litigation and subpoena.

They promised safe and effective and we got sudden and unexpected is one heck of a tag line describing the funerals that Americans attend every day.

What I’m displaying is just the commercial side of daily news in the public here and again there is no possibility to censor any of this. Search engines don’t matter anymore for data when you can just send a robot out and crawl everything and soon every teenager in America will be crawling data instantly getting what they want without a search engine that censors their input and output.

Here is a misinfo example that only works on older people that are still swayed by this type of manipulation. The keyword is daily sceptic and no I have no part of their news organization, nor represent them in any way. I am merely showing how the search engines display propaganda to “try” and stop people from reading their data.


Here is a close up of the side box which displays at the top of the page as the first result depending on the browser:

The above data on every search engine displayed here is a wikipedia no-paid ad. In other wiords, they just automatically have 1st page placement for this data by the search engine. They get first place to say that the website you’re looking for spreads misinformation about Covid vaccines, LOL – that’s a lawsuit if I ever seen one folks.

That’s a litigation suit right there for those who spend tens of thousands of dollars to get first place rankings in Google, Yahoo, and startpage. I would say class action for those who are paying for ads, similar to the one Google lost years ago and cost them a billion.


Yahoo feed,

Bing, (microsoft) they have learned from litigation and don’t have the 1st place position but show suggestable results,

Yandex (the only one not displaying misinformation propaganda)

Interesting to note that Yandex, out of the major seach engines, does not display the wikipedia propaganda unlike the censor machines that govern the commercial web. Moore’s law proves this propaganda curtailment is a passing trend as no one entity can stem the flow of data any longer.

Imagine trying to put a band-aid on a hole in the Hoover dam where 50,000 gallons of water is flowing through every minute and you’ll understand the state of “reality” the world lives. All attempts to curb the flow of information data is by those who live in a world of cute puppies and ignorance.

The demise is that governments, people in general, move too slow to keep up with the flow, which leaves several options:

  1. pass laws to force the population to use browsers deemed “misinformation free”
  2. disallow production of commercial computers by civilians
  3. block all search function for learning code at the commercial level (xfinity modems)
  4. outlaw pc purchasing

I’m leaving out scenarios of course, of which there are many a model on and in which the public is not privy to, however, each method chosen results in a decline of civilization through violence and rebellion. Sorry, all the models display this reality.

Mr. Gates, Mr. Dell, Mr. Krishna from IBM knows it and I would hope that the Commander of Cyber Command, General Nakasone knows it. John Boynton Chairman at Yandex from his statement knows it,

“As you well know, current geopolitical tensions, their impact on the Russian and global economy, and related stresses to the broader social and business environment, have created unprecedented challenges for our business and the individuals and teams who make us who we are. In normal times, I would be delighted to tell you about our strong results in 2021 – and the continuing strong performance to date in 2022. But today of course that good news is overshadowed by broader events. And I fully appreciate that due to the suspension of trading in our shares on Nasdaq, our shareholders are not able to benefit from the Company’s achievements at the current time.” yandex chairman letter

As we enter this new regime in which old men try to maintain their hold on the populace as Moore’s law states they can no longer do, and the stage 2 catabolic process is in full regalia, there is no doubt that humanity will be violently thrust forward to eradicate the aggression of the human genome as designed by HaShem.

The only avenue of removing the catabolic state is by making the biome less acidic. The biome must become an alkaline state, and no amount of climate change nonsense will fix this. The ploy of keeping temperature below 2 degrees celsius was a good con for stupid people that will listen to anything backed up with pie charts and doctored graphs. Throw in Al Gore showing videos of glaciers melting and John Kerry saying “the sky is falling” a Vietnam veteran mind you, and you have a whoopty-do mania by the populace that billionaires hope will fling themselves on the fire of depopulation and dim down the population.

However, with all your think-tank fictionalized data shoved in your government faces and Kissinger reports from the 1970’s – they got it wrong. Too bad right?

Maybe your kids will survive the Tsunami they’re bringing. I really don’t know. This scenario is titled THE DAY OF THE LORD for a reason. Armageddon is not the right terminology, but rather a mass dying off of alot of people through war, famine, disease, chaos all attributed to people who were called “geeks” when they were young people. Maybe that fuels this burn it all down scenario.

I really don’t understand how they believe they’re going to ride this out in a bunker. No plan survives contact with the enemy in combat, but they’re not soldiers. Their ilk are visionaires, ideologists, philanthropists, and pretenders of doctors for the good of mankind in their own eyes. Hitler was the same. He really believed in what he was doing to bring back pride to the german people. These rich folk believe their ideology too. And just like Hitler they don’t care what it takes to see their vision through, at the cost of your son and daughter, mother and father, your family on the line for their vision.

I’m sorry to tell you this. Those of you in government, who serve as officers, Lieutenants, Captains, and Generals – Police officers, FBI investigators and CIA case officers, Department of Justice criminal investigators, you have been duped as well. You are the tip of the spear and if anyone can stop them – it’s you.

You have been fighting for justice this whole time, putting bad guys away, some of you know what your bosses are doing, what they’re involved in, but you’re afraid to act. Afraid to be court martialed, dishonorably discharged, afraid to lose your job, your credibility and your way of life. That’s small in comparison to your family and the way of life for billions of people.

There are 330 million people in the United States and some of these plans call for reducing the population down to a hundred million. Does that include your family? Of course it does. The organization or department you work for will no longer exist if they get their way. Daily your enemies, who work for you and against you at the same time at the FBI call for the dismantling of your organization. But you know this.

No law can be passed quick enough now other than Executive Orders by a President, whether installed or not, and you are the vanguards of the people. The only ones who can “take law into their own hands” are those who are already equipped legally to do so. And that’s you.

So once again you must act in the interest of the United States and uphold your oath of office and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic. They’re right beside you, plotting your demise and the eugenics of your family while sharing a cup of coffee.

May YHWH open your eyes, confound our enemies, make them fall into their own traps, and grant you strength and protection to defeat this enemy of humanity.

God Bless and may the strength and Spirit of Ekhad guide you to victory and the peace and joy of HaMashiach Jesus be upon those who trust in His name.