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Avoiding Catabolism

image from E&T Engineering & Technology

Beatriz Valero de Urquía states in the article at E&T, “A year and a half after the initial announcement of Saudi Arabia’s plans to build a linear megacity in the heart of the desert, the country’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has revealed the first artist impressions of how The Line might look.”

As we approach 2030 the Saudis have forecast their intentions with architectural flare and optimism for their control structure concerning citizens and a carbon neutral vision. A 105 mile long mega-tech smart city, 1,640 feet tall, 656 feet wide, and taking up 13 square miles to house 9 million citizens.

The Crown Prince is leading the way with techno wonder and proving that words without action mean nothing.

A truly visionary concept of what a trillion dollars will purchase, but will this techno wonder city be what the people want?

With that in mind we should be talking about passive systems for income production or automated systems for financial income. At the present we are looking at dependence on “the state” providing a generated income as a means of innate survival.

This method is sustainable only to the embodiment of it’s use, whether to catabolism or as a healthy body functioning based off sound principle, equity, universal law (Newtonian, Boyle), and signal transduction.

Easy as pie – a keyboard is pressed and voila you can enter any amount of “money” which exists as the monetary unit, or fiat to be paid to a bank account based on social score (China system) thereby the ant determines his rations by behavior; disobedience or obedience determine rations received.

If we look at competing models here from the Swiss, Sweden, Russia, France and the UK/USA conglomerate then we understand the different ideology and systems which can be employed for the function of the state, similar as Australia, the current trending model, or quasi-ulterior Asian economics.

If we observe non-fiat models then we understand real skills are crucial to survival for those who want to enjoy a life. The ability to barter your skill set for commodity i.e., food, pleasure, consumption in general.

If we think in terms of paper money as French assignat, as reality of what it is, then we can determine that paper money is merely a system of generating others to be slave to this system of use as a means of fuel.

In more simpler terms, the use of money or the desire to “earn money” at a good job or goals of buying something like a car will soon no longer be valid as a structure of living. The dusk of assignat is upon the world.

Meaning, there is no point in going to college to earn a degree to “work for a corporation” when paper money has no trading value. Moore’s law states that by the time a person gets a BA, the tech will have already surpassed anything the person learned by far – that’s where we’re at in 2023. In 2010, this was a realization. Today, all but certain.

Skill sets that have nothing to do with money or money systems will be the sure systems of arbitration.

Examples of skill sets for a community:

  • the ability to train personnel either for military or police use
  • medical knowledge surgical/trauma
  • the ability to prepare food for multi-ethnic groups
  • the ability to construct or heavy equipment operation
  • chemistry and aqueduct

Notice that recreational sports, stock trading, and insurance sales are not on the list.

Global GDP to debt is beyond a house of cards blowing in the wind. Economists can agree on this as well as the Federal Reserve, Central banks, the IMF or anyone who understands fiat systems.

Thus, invariably, anything tied to “earning income” must be automated or passive when utilizing fiat. Commodities, or hard asset do not apply in a system of government paid equity as commodity saturation is applicable. If the government pays the wages of all it’s citizens for doing either sub-par labor, or no-labor as a means of survival, without the ability to generate from personal will, then you have guaranteed catabolism. Once catabolic, the process continues until the form of it “paper money” for example, cease to exist as it was.

NATO and Russia understand reality – the real world that does not revolve around a fiat.

In fighting systems, the ability to train one to fight with a spear, sword, rifle has nothing to do with money. Money does determine the “will” of the soldier.

Fiat, like other systems, determines that to work or exist, the user must “use it.” Facebook or Twitter only exist because they have “users.” If those users no longer use their systems, then their companies will catabolize. If the companies use their service for aggressing the Human Genome, the companies or corporate structures will also catabolize. So we have a fine line of operation that must be balanced.

GDP vs debt is well beyond saving as compared to French assignat, so we know catabolism based on mergers of large companies, especially banks, prove demise. Is there then a need to reduce the population to a sustainable control structure? Yes, of course for those who refuse to recognize their institutions and systems have already undergo the metamorphosis similar to the silkworm. Does the gazelle say to the lion “don’t eat me!” as it flees, or does the roe lay down to be consumed?

As navi stated, “And it shall be as the chased gazelle, and as a sheep that no man gathers, they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.” Yeshayahu 13:14

Controlling a seven billion multi-diverse culture is not sustainable according to any super-computer AI model out there, thus softening the target.

How do you rip the mask off this thing without all of us Jews getting blamed for everything? I mean you have terrorists hiding behind our Jewish pregnant women anytime they’re in exposure, like the vampire portrayals suggest. So that’s the problem we are contending with here, stopping terrorist organizations when the ace in the hole for these institutions is to take down all of us Jews, if there is no compliance.

I have seen the doom and gloom predictions from some of the contributing plank holders of the ideology and if I’m being fair, you do have a point with the chaos theory, but again as determining your idea of “control” of the outcome based on accepted theories or assumptions of how things should play out. Some would call this playing God, others call it Science. Either way many of the proponents of this outcome are missing what we in the background have quietly sounded alarm on concerning biometric defense for both civilian and military personnel.

It’s becoming worrisome that those who at once perceived to have intelligent understanding of physics or economy are simply ignoring the reality that a new Hitler is arising. If you aggress the genome catabolism occurs. Now why is it that University is pretending to not see the Tsunami on the horizon, even though we are loudly shouting that your direct actions will neither protect the population from the Tsunami, but moreover, your personal assets, family, way of life will also be steering through this Tsunami in which the predicting factor of AI is assumptive at best concerning this “reset”.

Again, passive systems are the only systems one should be thinking about now as income generation. And it will take a heck of a lot more than pegylating society with rGO to dumb down personal will. I understand the psychology and the lab tests on controlled subjects, agricultural hybridisation, and the “own nothing” concept with privacy and free enterprise – got it. Again, all assumption based on what, the Australian model?

Fast forward to today and the electron microscope. Now we know catabolism occurs when the genome is aggressed. Those who do the aggression are the ones who will, by nature, be consumed by macrophage if you will. There is no getting around this as much as you try to bend science to obey your fictional will, whether by government decree, or personal eugenic ventures.

Whether consultants or teachers at DARPA and Harvard understand this biologically is critical to reigning in some of these eugenic fantasies. Reginald Gates had no concept of what aggressing the genome meant as he was unable to view anything under a TEM (transmission electron microscope) when he wrote Heredity and Eugenics in 1923.

There is no way around catabolism when the genome is aggressed. Those who aggress it, meaning whether a corporation, or a person, will succumb to the pathway response. Biology, mammalian, aquatic, and plants say it happens every day.

“These strategies have evolved to maximize fitness, but are constrained by trade-offs between components such as growth, survival, and reproduction.” Lande, 1982; Stearns, 1992.

So lets talk brass tacks on how to solve this over-populated, climate-fiat-control structure Moore’s law states you can no longer control. The quicker we come to terms on this as a global community, the quicker we can stop the destruction of billions to make way for a newly programmed thinned-out society, which again all models say will fail anyway. Either way it’s check-mate. Rebellion or purge – either way everyone gets either wiped out or “re-birthed.”

I don’t care what kind of smoke is being blown by the brightest and best from DARPA, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and Strategic Studies. We have all been wrong about a lot of things and without taking into consideration that the genome aggression WILL catabolize until finished, then you are only wishful thinking and hoping your way out of this.

The time of selling band aids to fix the hoover is coming to a close, but there are solutions for those who wish to avert disaster and retain a good life filled with hope and a bright future, rather than the abysmal dark hole of war and death currently being sold.