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Atheist Profiteers Are Not Jews

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If you have a “Jewish” family background, meaning that your family not necessarily grew up in England, but have roots that tie you to diaspora lineage from the Levant and Torah belief, then like me you’ll be sick and tired of guys like Jeff Rense who push the anti-Jew narrative.

The monumental lack of knowledge on par with the inaccurate historical understanding of the word “Jew” paints guys like Rense as lower-intelligence brain-washed protagonists of propaganda-think unable to diagnose manuscripts written since the 15th century.

We have a double edge sword of propaganda with this advertisement:

“Who owns America – Jews.”

Which creates both antisemitism while promoting mentally that Jews do own America. But what Jews?

Common sense tells you that Rense’ UFO catered, ad-filled website commits to mid-tiered propaganda advertisement from both governing agency, personal opinion, and regurgitated group think agenda.

So is Rense promoting Jewish supremacy or informing the public incorrectly that “Jews” own America?

To be accurate Rense must first understand that personna he lists on his ridiculous video, like Victoria Nuland as “Jewish” is a personal opinion. In order to be Jewish, you have to believe in Torah, the commandments of YHWH, and not be an atheist or do things contrary or in disobedience to mitzvot. That’s the first test of whether one is “Jewish” or just a fake.

Rense video:

The other fallacy perpetrated to the masses over and over again, with a stamp of the Israeli flag, is the faces and names of those purported to be “Jewish” as Rense describes “facts are facts.”

Do all the people above follow Torah and can actually claim to be Jews? I think not.

That’s the problem we have today is that now ANYONE can claim to be Jewish just by speaking the words “I’m Jewish.” As those of us who understand history we are fully educated and aware through ancient manuscript that a time would come upon the world such as this.

A time of great confusion and destruction, where the enemies of mankind are completely eradicated and those who make believe that they are gods on earth, completely annihilated by YHWH through the armies of the world.

The ideology of the WEF and the 4th Reich will come to nothing, no different than Hitler’s 3rd Reich. Yet at the cost of great turmoil to humanity through catabolism which consumes the aggressors of the human genome as a built in biome defense. Similar to that which protects outer-space from low earth orbit.

Nonetheless, the time of humility to be experienced through YOM YHWH will cause all who deny Torah to be as wind swept debris in a world turned upside down. Through destruction and the elimination of visonary concepts of a “Star Trek” like future, the smashing of any type of EV technological future, humanity will be humbled as they are “depopulated” and saved from the brink of total destruction by Mashiach, as well known by anyone intelligent enough to analyse Nevi’im through quantum mechanics, philosophy, and physics.

The lesser-intelligent will continue on their path through propaganda as well as governing agency through inferior lies and nonsense as catabolism churns them into devoid entity. Self-destructing as biology represent so boldy to anyone who can contemplate homeostasis as reality.

Unfortunately those who calculate numbers and mathematical equations for the purpose of rendering better weapons and control systems for humanity, in the process have forsaken the ability to reason the construction of their own demise.

The inability to logically understand this phenomena is similar to the reasoning and logic hubris of “big bang theory.” One can develop enormous financial institutions catreing to fallacy and theory only for that bubble to eventually deflate or pop as evidence reveal the mystery of science through empirical discovery.

Empirical diagnostics and quantitative analysis, currently misunderstood by agencies approaching apex catabolic disbursement will render a new paradigm free from temporal concepts of democracy, socialsim, communism and the visions of the lusts of man.

Corporate enigma, money, power, all futile concepts approaching catabolic emergence, birthing forth what few will understand, nor which computer models display, to be the relevant timeline where the force of Elohim creation, His army, His design shall conquer and reign, while the inept thoughts of men such as the 4th Reich are looked upon as the dark hours of humanity thrown to the abyss.