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Anti-Semitism: A Tool Used by CEO’s, Politicians, Satanists, and Fake Jews

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Let’s be clear, those who believe in Torah are not a satan worshipping cult or organization trying to transgender your kids and destroy America. As can be seen above, the innocent Furries are not so innocent folks, but a way of transmorphing kids into demonic historical tales they are simply unfamiliar with. Making them into animals as outfits to further debase them unwittingly.

I understand as a nation the people are very confused about this now and everything is being blamed on “Jews,” naturally that is what the enemy does, blame a small religious community of everything they are doing.

And the proof of this is the fact no one even knows what a Jew is anymore. Bible believer, atheist, liberal, satanist, Christian, political activist, Talmudist, Buddhist, musician, transgender – which is it?

This is called confusionism and has been so confused to all of society so the actual bad guys, the Nazi’s, can get away with everything they’re doing. It’s not so easy to spot them as Quentin Tarantino pointed out “once they took off their Nazi uniforms” in his movie Inglorious Bastards.

Unfortunately the offspring of the Nazi ideology don’t walk around with swastika’s carved in their head, so everyone could identify them at all times. Now apparently they wear some kind of Enneagram Klingon uniform and tell the world about their sustainable development goals and build back better system that destroys everything to fix everything bad that they themselves are doing,

Design of wireless nanosensors in the body pdf

In fact, their ideology is to target you and your family as they did us Zyd from Poland, now called Jews by all literature, so they can round you up, whenever necessary to curb dissent as they attempt to align their 4th Reich under a banner of peace and prosperity for all, once they burn everything down to cover all their lies. Unless they’re stopped of course.

This Nazi agenda seems to altercate, indeed, intermingle the notion that German Nazi families have become “Jews.” As ridiculous as that sounds, you’ll notice that every bad guy out there that runs a large company, traffics humans, runs smut movies, same sex marriage, or the transgender complex all seem to have a German background as lineage. Why is that?

Have you ever stopped to wonder that Epstein, Weinstein, Fink, Trump, Bankman-Fried, Berg, Altman are all German names?

Probably not.

The more interesting aspect of the whole shabang is that many of them claim to be Jewish or have married into supposed Jewish families, whom in the same regard are… atheist?

What? How does that work I wonder?

How can you believe in Judaism, ya know the Torah, the commandments of G-d, and be…atheist or have same sex marriage? How does that work? Explain it to me.

Well you can’t because that’s part of the confusionism so you don’t know what’s up or down and can easily blame a small religious kippah wearing population that they’re the bad guys instead of the corporate German behemoth which has subsidized all industrial economy into a hegemonic terrorist network that promotes satanism, eugenics, a breakdown of culture and society all for the purpose of declaring you secondary citizens to be experimented on legally, with your consent of course, as you’re debased down to the animals you believe yourselves to be in order to better depopulate, control and select from amongst the best livestock.

The stupid thing is Hitler already tried to do all of this, so why is everyone so stupid to not recognize it’s happening again?

These Nazi’s, who are getting revenge on the whole world as I write this, have taken over governance nation to nation and have infiltrated just about every faction, department, and network for their 4th Reich agenda.

Lawrence Davidson,

“Israel is a nation state (one category) with leaders who have made an arbitrary claim to represent all the Jews worldwide (a qualitatively different category). For instance, the published aims of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations says it ‘represents the State of Israel, its citizens and the Jewish people on the global stage.’ This claim cannot be substantiated for two reasons (1) there are tens of thousands (the number is growing all the time) of Jews outsider [sic] of Israel who do not want to be represented by that state. Many are neutral as regards Israel and many others are appalled by Israel’s Zionist ideology and the racist behavior it has generated, and (2) the claim of representation is called into question by the positions taken by the rabbinical officialdom controlling religious practices in Israel. These are orthodox and ultra-orthodox rabbis who believe that Jews who do not practice the religion as they do — which happens to be most Jews in the U.S. and Europe — are not real Jews. Thus, Israeli leaders are caught in a dilemma. They claim to represent a diaspora community of Jews, many of whom their ‘official’ rabbis say are not really Jews.” https://consortiumnews.com/2023/06/28/misdirecting-the-fight-against-anti-semitism/

Yes, so we have a dilemma here when a “person” or the head rabbis lead by what you could define as the modern Sanhedrin, determine what in fact a “Jew” is.

What constitutes being Jewish, other than the fact this is a legal term invented in British language in England through the British Zionist Federation (1899 CE) to legally define British taxed citizens under the Judicial Privy Council?

Thus, Brit-ish / Jew-ish etymology defines progeniture.

However, academia has yet to logically discuss this reality we live, that the term Jewish is wholly an English invention and anyone who believes that this medieval term to originate from the Levant rather than Henry the VIII’s reign, resides in the realm of science fiction.

The problems of defining Judaic culture, anti-semitism, as Mr. Davidson laments about the Biden administration, all ties to nationalism that adheres to fictional narrative concerning the formation of Israel in 1948.

We understand, as “Jews,” if you wish to define yourself with the British diasporic terminology, that there is no collective Star Trek Borg like agreement of who is and is not a Jew.

On one hand Israeli law determines that you must not have converted to another religion other than Judaism to be considered or become a citizen of Israel. On the other hand since 1948 ANYONE can claim to be Jewish by just saying the words out of your mouth, “I believe in Judaism, or I’m a Jew” and become a citizen of Israel or marry someone already considered Jewish, although they may just be an atheist liberal, and their whole generation is now considered “Jewish” as legitimate.

As long as you learn the basics of meals, tradition, and recite kiddush with approval of a rabbi you can now envelp the entire Judaic narrative all the way back to Roman times. Regardless of forever being labeled the dreaded “convert” and the fact you’ll never really be considered “Jewish” as reform by the rabbinate you can still claim the entirety of Israeli Levant lineage under the umbrella of Brit-ish, Jew-ish theology. I believe the correct term is philosophy.

And as Armin Rosen notes,

“How much compromise is too much, though? Once such pillars of the religion as kashrut, Shabbat observance, and the traditional liturgy have been jettisoned as a matter of principle, rather than merely out of expedience, basic communal and intellectual coherence requires that some limiting principle be applied. Reform Judaism has to be more than a justification for not believing in much of anything, just as it can’t be a subset of belief in a secular political agenda.” https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/belief/articles/dissent-ranks-reform-movement

So you see the flawed concept here and why this has generated a vast investigation into genome and DNA technology and the scramble for many to declare through DNA examination that their ancestors lineage trace back to the Levant. Naturally there is rampant fraud in this investigative process and comically displays Palestinian blood-lines more ethnically tied to Israel than any European’s can claim to be, embarrassing many astute Professors and Doctorals along the way.

However, you do not hear that non-fiction statement emanate from Tel-Aviv University, without the professor being discredited. Maybe this will change and help Mr. Davidson understand racially the revolution that is occurring for Israel right now. How etymology forensics are laying waste to the fictions of nationalistic invention under times of duress required in the formation of a nation state for what is deemed militarily “unit cohesion.”


“Leaving aside the ‘who is a Jew’ problem, Israel implements policies and practices that have produced institutional and legal discrimination against non-Jews. This is perhaps an inevitable result of designing a state for one group in territory awash with many groups. The effort has progressed so far that it is now factually accurate to call Israel an apartheid state. Is criticism of such policies and practices the same as anti-Semitism? Do those critical of Israel’s official racism hate Jews? Again, part of the problem with the Zionist argument is that many of the critics are Jews (despite what antiquarian Rabbis might say). In response, the boosters of Israel, the descriptive term here is “political Zionists,” have, once more arbitrarily, invented a class of people they call the self-hating Jew — this is supposed to account for Jewish opposition to Zionist Israel.”

I think the statement by Mr. Davidson above hits the nail on the head. And in years past this kind of talk would never be heard out loud (in the press) rather than around the dinner table. As in Judaic pluralism, public dissent is more than taboo, but considered a sin.

As the Judaic narrative proceed into the future after the 1960’s and it became apparent political factions were springing up with an “anything goes” mentality, similar to where the Anti-Defamation League has wavered out to sea, whose sworn enemies seem to be political rivals and Christian institutions as seen through their Amicus filings. https://www.adl.org/resources/amicus-brief/search?f%5B0%5D=topic%3A11706

The Amicus brief, if you read such, apparently caters to leftist Democratic political positions and anti-Christian ideology and assault, rather than democratic values of free speech and societal harmony. Justice and equity for all appears to be the focal point of the ADL for destabilization and segregating society into racial bigotry all under the guise of inclusion and equity as the nation is so well versed in the ploy.

Anyone can read the legal filings of political Zionist Jonathan Greenblatt and understand that “inclusion” is not their motive. But what faction of Zionism does Mr. Greenblatt belong to? I’m willing to bet the German faction as his lineage name suggest.

And as Lawrence Davidson notes in his article, which no doubt he will be accused of spreading Jewish misinformation and anti-semitic nuance, the tenets of anti-semitism is wielded as a tool by political activists like Mr. Greenblatt in their schemes of a Zionist empire based on Germanic tradition, eugenics philosophy, and Hitleresque methodology so well learned by the traitors who assimilated into the Nazi Zionist machine before WWII.

Again this is a story you’re unfamiliar with. The Zionist Nazi is anti-thesis to shoah and yet now governs both executive and legal policy within multiple U.S. departments as the hydra has regrown it’s head and has absorbed both “Jewish” lineage and anyone foolish or unlucky enough to be Borg assimilated into it’s vast soul-less Sith empire.


“This might be the case, for there has been no public recognition by the U.S. government of just how radical the ADL and most other traditional Jewish American organizations have become in defense of Israel.”

“One should be very suspicious of Greenblatt’s ability to access, much less analyze, the rapidly evolving American culture and politics as regards Zionist Israel. As I have noted previously, he offers a remarkably inaccurate picture of Israel’s official ideology. He tells us “Zionism isn’t just a light for the Jewish people, it’s a liberation movement for all people. We should take strength in it, we should find inspiration in it, and we should share it with the world.”

“This same skewed argument was used by the Zionists in the mid-1940s — while they promoted a colonial-settler project during a period marked by decolonization. Somehow, Greenblatt has also got it into his head that ‘Palestinians should embrace Zionism.’ As utterly delusional as this sounds, Greenblatt is again reviving an earlier ploy.”

Davidson gets it as do those who are being enlightened by YHWH as he separates the tares from the wheat.

Davidson goes on to say, “The New York Times reported in early April of 1921 that Winston Churchill (then colonial secretary) had travelled to Jerusalem and met with local Palestinian leaders. He told them that creating a Jewish national home in Palestine would be ‘good for the Arabs dwelling in Palestine’ because they would ‘share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.’ At the time this was known as ‘the full-belly theory of imperialism.’ In 1921, the real impact of Zionism in Palestine was in the future. Today, Greenblatt’s apparent disregard of that history is unforgivable.” https://consortiumnews.com/2023/06/28/misdirecting-the-fight-against-anti-semitism/

What is left out of the narrative is that after Hitler came to power in the 1930’s, the Nazi’s industrialized Palestine through the Haavara Agreement in 1933 signed between the Zionist Nazi Federation and the Nazi German government. Wikipedia leaves out the fact that the German Zionists were indeed Nazi’s. Of course they do. They also tell absolute lies in the wikipedia page such as,

“The agreement enabled Jews fleeing persecution under the new Nazi regime to transfer some portion of their assets to British Mandatory Palestine.

Ridiculous! In Israel there was a guerilla war ongoing against British colonialism in which the British Minister of the State, Lord Moyne would be assassinated by the Stern Gang.

“..the Stern Gang,[10][11][12][13] was a Zionist paramilitary militant organization founded by Avraham (“Yair”) Stern in Mandatory Palestine.[14][15][16] Its avowed aim was to evict the British authorities from Palestine by use of violence, allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehi_(militant_group)

The historical narrative of Zionist Nazi’s is glossed over and negated by erroneous re-written fictions in order to hide the fact they have never been “Jews” but simply minions of Nazi Germany advancing the cause of the Reich. You must not be confused and understand that Zionism in England is NOT the flip side coin of German Nazi’s!

Zionist organizations in America were boycotting Germany along with the British Zionist Federation, while the German Zionist faction was serving Hitler.

Just because the word “Zionist” is utilized for an organization doesn’t mean that all Zionists groups belong to the faction or organization as incorrectly assumed.

“Stefan Vogt listed four main arguments used by German Zionists to portray the convergence of Zionist and German interests. First, Jewish settlement would strengthen the eco-nomic and political stability of the Ottoman Empire, which was allied with Germany. Second, it would create a pro-German ethnic group within the Ottoman Empire with a cultural affinity to Germany expressed in the Yiddish language through which Germany could widen its foothold. Third, due to their vast eco-nomic connections to Germany, Jews could act as a bridgehead for German economic interests in the Ottoman Empire. Fourth, support of Zionist settlement would improve Germanys standing with Jews around the world and especially the United States.¹⁵⁶ During the First World War German Zionists used similar arguments, pushing for the utilization of local Jewish populations for extending German imperial control into Eastern Europe, as will be demonstrated in the final chapter.” Dekel Peretz, (page 161) Zionism and Cosmopolitanism, Franz Oppenheimer and the Dream of a Jewish Future in Germany and Palestine, Univesity of Potsdam 2020

Funded by Nazi Germany during the American boycott, terrorist organizations and politicians had utilized effectively waging two fronts of PsyOp against both Palestinians and the British government.

Which goes to show you there has never been this fantasy of a one world “Jewish” singular group, but a divided faction made up of many sects and cults like any religion or political group. In which a Germanic Zio-Nazi group is still alive and kicking as can be seen without restrain in Ukraine and as evident to their heinous terrorist activity throughout the world as occurred by the Stern Gang through violent and misinterpreted, non-Torah based ideology.

So that’s where the confusion comes in here is through the use of the word Zionism, which is now deemed wholly as a “Jewish” mantra by both Britannica and wikipedia interpretation.


“..its goal the creation and support of a Jewish national state in Palestine, the ancient homeland of the Jews (Hebrew: Eretz Yisraʾel, “the Land of Israel”). Though Zionism originated in eastern and central Europe in the latter part of the 19th century, it is in many ways a continuation of the ancient attachment of the Jews and of the Jewish religion to the historical region of Palestine, where one of the hills of ancient Jerusalem was called Zion.” https://www.britannica.com/topic/Zionism

As can be seen above Britannica negates it’s own statement.

Of course the British Encyclopaedia will tell you their invented English word “Jew-ish” owns ancient Israel, as a psychological play on words, when in the very same statement they admit the invention took place in the 19th century through the British Zionist Federation defining what they would deem to be a taxed English colony called Palestine, and their Brit-ish, Jew-ish citizens who would live there.

It didn’t work out exactly the way they intended. Within twenty years of the Palestinian mandate of 1922, the British Minister would be assassinated and a guerilla war would ensue for Israeli freedom from colonialism, just as Americans had broke off from English taxation.

Patriotism towards Israel under a dubbed title of Zionism is utilized by a variety of international organizations who do not agree with one another. In Ukraine you have military units emulating their historical heroes, proudly wearing and displaying Nazi regalia with no hint of conflict as journalists and the press scratch their head and tell them to take off thei Nazi gear for a photoshoot.

The journalists don’t understand that being a pro-Nazi was part of their culture, just as German Zionist Nazi’s believed in the 3rd Reich and followed Hitler. It’s not complicated, it’s just history.

As a Zawada who can display the death records of the concentration camps where my family members perished along with millions of others to the Nazi war machine in Europe, we are not so easily tricked by the German Zionists who have escaped and have come back to power pretending to be Jewish – the ultimate insult and depravity to all those who suffered in shoah. May YHWH avenge us and our families and defeat this Nazi horde once and for all.

So in this future world in which all shall travel to, the mystery of the Nazi empire shall crumble and along with it those who have been absorbed and inundated by both communist and Nazi ideology as a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

The narrative is unravelling the world over as this article is written. Elohim has promised to bring us back to the land in which we were scattered for our sin and eradicate the fakes from among us while cleansing the land of all the filth and sin which you see being promoted by the evil factions in both Israel and America.

Do governments need to depopulate due to the fear of reaching 12 billion people as unsustainable?

NO. This is a bayesian hyper model forecast. A guess. Reginald Gates was wrong about the United States never surpassing a population of 200 million people and his protege Bill Gates is wrong for catering to eugenics ideolgy that murders people. There should be a court examination, a trial on the subject, and justice administered.

Do corporations such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Blackrock, and the WEF control the destiny and freedom of humanity as Klaus Schwab suggest?

NO. Hitler also suggested that Germany could reign supreme for 1,000 years. This ideology is from megalomaniacs which generally result in mass genocide, war, and the leaders usually cowering in burnt out bunkers, drugged out of their minds, awaiting for military justice to arrive.

Do military models show that the world will end in nuclear annihilation no matter what we do?

YES AND NO. Again this is a guess by entering in scenarios but no one, or any computer can predict years into the future. You can sway society in a direction, but you cannot know the precise outcome.

Are governments doing this to hide what they have done or are doing?

YES. And there is no need to do so. There is this absolute paranoid need to cover-up lies of the past which is showing to be a terminal outcome. There is no need to “burn it all down” to cover up lies of the past or present. For the most part forensic investigators have peered through the lens of all data available both public and classified. If you understand the term “classified” it simply means people have already examined the data and the hope is they don’t “spill the beans” to the public.

This is a fallacy now that all data can be hacked or gotten to. And the irrational fear of not controlling data stream makes paranoid delusional agencies want to shut down data flow in order to remain both viable at all costs, keep intact some form of legal credibility, and avoid going to prison or worse based on the data exposed. There is no way to avoid a future where all internet data is streamed and crawled in less than 5 minutes at any given time. Unless a major crackdown on freedom and the populace which guarantees rebellion.

Like astronauts hanging from wires, simply means a politician like President Joe Biden can no longer deny the reality of a Hunter Biden laptop when a large percentage of the poulation under 21 years of age have viewed the data. This is just the beginning. Very soon a politician will not be able to write a speech, get it to the news, and display to the public through CNN or FOX news before the public has the actual data disseminated to them and can determine what that politican is saying as true or false – instantly.

Video production software and decryption tech forensics has literally outted ALL THE LIES by every agency the world over. LOL, as a government entity you can no longer put on screen imaging that is magically created from blue/green screen composite without an editor who can re-edit your creation, or break down the code.

It’s madness that these guys keep doing it when amateurs the world over using basic software can analyse everything you’re doing! C’mon wake up to reality. It’s over! Transparency has finished you off and now the only thing that remains is either these agencies will continue lying to a public who laughs at you, and you feed the seething anger of their rebellion, while those you employ have no ethics or morals – trained literally to lie to a public as paid actors knowing precisely what they’re doing in both political roles and “crisis actors” if you want to call them that in every aspect of your science fiction baloney.

The data stream is faster than the time it takes to write the speech now and get it to press, and thus the reason for ChatGPT as an extra layer of legal protection where you can blame erroneous data on a computer now, rather than those boldly lying to the public, as the press secretary, or being deemed the source of disinformation.

What we have is organizations who believe that there is “no other options” rather than their perceived line of thinking based on population growth, hyper-models, and listening to the smartest atheist in the room.

Covering their lies seems to be the #1 priority above all other priorities which makes the organizations and directors who adhere to this agenda as inferior, dangerous morons, incapable of moving on from the past and willing to destroy both culture, nature, and all of humanity to cover past sins, when there is no need to do so.

Move on, it’s over with. The 1960’s are done, the philosophy is done, Kissinger’s operations are done along with the ideology. It’s a new generation and covering the lies WILL END.

It’s no different than having an angel and a demon on your shoulder and they are listening to the demons give them advice.

Will they burn down the world to keep themselves in power to cover their lies?

YES. Unless law enforcement or military intervention stops them. All models display this as reality and there is not one government entity that doesn’t know this as a fact. All governments the world over are privy to the computer modelling and understand this reality.

The only difference is the decisions that are made to remove bad actors. And these decisions, although tough to decide, will be required in order to keep the biome from total destruction. It’s one of the reasons Prince Mohammed bin Salman is building a 106 mile long city in the desert while the guys directing your operations are pissed he has the $$$ for the next 200 years to do so.

What once required programmed robots to keep up with our enemies, has now morphed into an entire industry of brain-washing personal slaves and requires unravelling your organizations to avoid self-destruction. Indeed, your own vices are being used against you. Will you continue to refuse to turn from evil and deception and step forth into the light? It’s easy to do, just stop what you know is WRONG, or succumb to YHWH wrath is all I can tell you.

Look around you my friend, your land is catabolic, at an end and no amount of effort will repair. You must stop what you’re doing. Turn from evil and do good and Ekhad will spare you.

In the same regard, England, America, and Russia all understood that they were going to have to deal with Hitler…no doubt about it. But they were hamstrung by inept leaders who didn’t realize that pacifism always leads to war when the genome is aggressed by either invasion, “acts of war,” the building of armies for war, acts of passing laws to debase their fellow man, and medical genocide.

They waited too long to act, to not be seen as the aggressors which resulted in a much greater death toll. Just as now, the aggressors have acted, and will continue to act unless they are stopped, but at what cost to human life the longer law enforcement and those with the ability to act wait?

The models are forecasting billions dead if they have their way and I don’t need to inform the public about this it’s well known data now examined by every think-tank worth it’s salt.

Reginald Gates suggested the U.S. population would never pass 200 million people and the Deagel forecast pdf now predicts an elimination, “liquidation” is the more precise term used for Russo/American depopulation by more than 200M people. How do they achieve dropping the population down to approximately 100 million people, as Reginald Gates predicted/wanted? As Deagel puts it, “Ebola and migration patterns.” 

As still standing government departments that have the capability to fight these villains and stop them, I will say as calmly as I can,


There is no doubt about it, they will be defeated as history loudly suggest. Those who are tyrants to humanity or aggress the genome into a catabolic state will be eradicated. And although they believe they will trick both humanity and nature itself they will meet their end just as every human in history has done so.

YHWH is shining his light upon His people, both Christian and Jewish alike and making clear the enemies of good, the satanist demon followers and enemies of YHWH, the baals and molech in whom they worship and strive for unlimited power and control of resource and humanity. The war against the heavens as they attempt to make themselves little gods as their religious text tells them to do, which will come to nothing in YOM YHWH as Nevi’im have made so clear.

If you care about your family, way of life, your parents, brothers and sisters – then you better get moving. Those who serve in Federal agencies as Law Enforcement and in Executive leadership have our prayers to YHWH for boldness, for strength, and for rooting out this enemy from your organizations. May Elohim bless you and protect you and give you both the intelligence and fortitude to victory.

He who has an ear to hear, let them hear.