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Why would we go with the UN model any longer?

You have argued since the 1970’s about how to go about this governing body without a clue. Now your climate plan of lowering temperature 2 degrees has resulted in a 20 Trillion dollar loss, a beta test of genocide, fractured economies, possibly WWIII all before we’re into the meat of this thing.

It’s 2022, not even close to 2025 and you’re at the level of putting cultures back in the stoneage with massive unrest guaranteeing government demise according to our models.

I don’t know what kind of bat-guana scientists you are listening to, but our figures state complete destruction of industry – over and out, medieval times dude.

All your predictions got hoodwinked by one guy with a team who knows how to flip everything. All over again.

They are laughing at your stupid climate models and broad visions of utopian humanity. They merely took advantage of the opening you gave and pulled the rug out.

This whole scheme, mind you, was developed decades ago so Lloyd’s could avoid a fictional 85 Billion dollar loss based on Superstorm Sandy data. Mark Carney Breaking Tragedy Horizon

FAILURE. Across the board failure.

Look at the models! The most inept, watershed loss since Edsel Ford helped collapse an entire economy.

Any government that doesn’t breakaway from this Davos failure model will find themselves belly up with temperature levels the same – no difference – ALL FOR NOTHING.

From what we can tell, you’re moving whole economies off a cliff using a magic 8 ball. Or maybe a ten year old child is calling the shots? There is no excuse for abysmal failure on this level and I don’t know why ANY team should wait any longer. Why take more damage from these screwballs?

It’s getting to the point where you guys are looking like raving maniacs, indeed, as if you enjoy absolute chaos and destruction. Where are you going to hide when society breaks apart, in a Swiss basement?

I would say either get an emergency body together very quickly with open transparent communication or that’s it – Green light the blue team and mop this up – it’s a broken arrow.

The Captain has taken the ship against the rocks. They will destroy everything and say “oops” as they are dying themselves, killing everyone and everything we all fought so hard to protect and build.

The guys doing it all seem to have German names. And yet All us Jews are getting blamed for what they’re doing!? So why shouldn’t they take the blame? I don’t care if they were born in Switzerland, America, or Israel, should’nt they own what they’re doing and not the Jewish community??!

The Germans are back to blow up the world again under “climate change” and “vaccine initiatives” and many pretending to be Jewish as they’re doing it. And for what?

The idea that Americans have too many guns and that the real solution is attrition through NP distribution. Government departments actually believed, based on lab studies of individuals and groups, that you could inflict an international control scheme without blowback and rebellion? Incredulous and inept from leadership and old guys with one foot in the grave.

You guys were duped big time.

Hitler would be proud to sit besides these Germans and toast to the downfall of the world through the 4th reich. However, it’s not going to go down that way.

Some of you guys keep saying, “We’re just following orders.” I remind you, Hitler’s Generals did the same thing, they listened to a Corporal and look what that got them.

I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists.



“Over 200 former Auschwitz prisoners and Holocaust survivors from many countries of the world will be present at the Auschwitz Memorial during the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. They will be the most important guests, it is for them that a special meeting with the media has been prepared, and it is they who will deliver the main speeches during the commemoration event.

All the survivors will sit in the first rows inside the tent that will be built over the historical gate of the former Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp. Their words will be heard by official delegations from more than 50 countries of the world, as well as representatives of international institutions, social organizations, clergy, employees of museums and memorial sites devoted to this subject. Through the media, the event will be streamed live for the whole world.

In addition to a large group of former prisoners coming from Poland, the anniversary commemoration event will also be attended by survivors from all over the world. A 120-person delegation of former Auschwitz prisoners and Holocaust survivors from the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, and several European countries will attend the anniversary. A group of former prisoners from the former USSR will also be present.”