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In warfare, computer models must keep up with what occurs on the ground. The saying, “No combat plan survives initial contact with the enemy” is a universal tune. Software used to overwatch, or map real time action, also must adapt to the battlefield as events occur.

You’re going to need real input by real humans in live combat. Those using scenario models will be quickly subdued, law enforcement included, concerning response time and fluidity on the battlefield.

You can always stage an event and then gauge the outcome, but on the actual battlefield you have assault and defense, action and reaction, cause and effect.

The timeframe to react to an assault can be “gauged” by artificial intelligence, but the computer can only guess at what your opponent is going to do. Thus, any form of A.I. will be responding to action.

Response time to action hinders the outcome of a controlled computer scenario. Offense is always more efficient than defense when it comes to commitment to action. Action will happen and then defense must commit to “stopping,” delaying or inhibiting action, which is a slower response time than offense in itself or war 101.

An example is a police response to any action. There is a warrant issued and LE move to a location on target. This is one form of slow response that in war is inferior. Law enforcement in a time of war is inferior due to these organizations being defensive organizations.

Although it would seem a SWAT team is an offensive action the opposite is true that the offense is based on “response time” to any action, thus, much slower and inefficient in a time of warfare.

In the real world a SWAT team would respond to one action while a dozen more assaults could be occurring. Never can LE keep up with a battlefield as the individuals are not trained in this manner but only to “respond,” wait for orders, and then commit to any engagement. A slow system.

In urban warfare LE is useless in this regard, but can shore up reserve forces with LE training concerning nabbing collaborators or arresting informers, and interrogating for data, locations of the enemy, or coordinating the next response target. Either way you cut it it’s all based off response time and response time is never as fast as offense.

The idea then is to concoct a scenario based off data fed into an A.I. machine to give us a break down of how things can go and how we should respond to scenarios the computer envisions based on the percentage from previous combat operations. Again fluidity in combat is key to victory. Those waiting to respond have already lost.

I’m not too concerned with what I see as upticks concerning law enforcement, the FBI “raid” on former President Trump’s personal home. I have no doubt that the Bureau will deal wth it’s own within it’s organization to remain a non-communist American institution ran by patriots not foreign liaisons. You have to be a blind man not to realize the director or “operations manager” is sabotaging their own organization to collapse integrity, funding, loyalty, and create mass litigation to shut the organization down.

When newspaper narrative states “their was a mole in Mara-a-Lago,” really what they are saying is there is a mole(s) in the Bureau sabotaging the department and many warned about this historically. The models predicted this based on previous data.

I understand the outrage against FBI leadership and there should be, but the easy answer is to say, “You don’t want me to do my job?” as an employee. Like any department you’re employed in you follow the orders and chits that are handed out to you – that’s your job.

If someone says we have a warrant for Mar-a-Lago, then your butt can pucker, but you are required to follow orders. That’s the problem with response initiative. Response is a primary factor of creating damage control simply due to the fact once initiated, if you’re wrong or right there will still be political fallout in following orders.

Again leadership playing both sides? Meaning one side for America the other side for another country or organization and it’s up to internal investigation at the FBI, which will no longer be just internal, to determine who is the enemy within the organization and what hydra they affiliate with.

Nothing new to see here except the fact politicians have taken all rules off the table to stay in power. That will change by offensive force not response concerning action starting within DHS. Warrants and investigations are response. Offense happens quickly, without the ability to use litigation in a court of law. It’s simply there’s the target – assault the target, mop up, exfil and debrief as any fire team leader understands.

The fact remains, after offensive action, whatever bad actors were there or whatever litigation was going to come is now based off offense not response or defense.

It’s simple to change the narrative simply by going on “offense” like football – drive down the field to score a touchdown while the defense works to stop you.

Without offense there is very little touchdowns and a boring game quite honestly. Similar in combat: offense determines the pace at which the enemy must keep up or get left behind and lose.

Before we get into scenarios of fighting systems, I will start out that offense is always superior than defense. Reaction or counterpunching is usually slower than the first strike.

Now I have trained good counterpunchers – very fast. But rarely are they fast enough to bring in wins simply due to the fact they are always waiting to strike after someone commits to action.

Special forces units could be labeled “reactive units” in a similar scenario. If your training soldiers, you do so by getting them used to running, physical exercise, shooting at targets and doing simple things like loading weapons, setting up gun emplacements, mortars, etc., at proficient rates faster than what you think the enemy will do – standard infantry stuff.

This standard infantry stuff in urban combat will always defeat a “police force” simply due to the mental training of assault vs react from leadership.

Governments and military of course understand this completely and although we are told the battlefield is different now, it really isn’t. It still comes down to training, moral rage (morale) and those willing to join the good guys in defeating the enemy, the rest is semantics of prep.

A primary tactic the enemy employs is to confuse who the enemy really is. There can be no confusion to who the enemy is once offense commence, as any assault will determine the enemy response and who actually works or aids the enemy as we observe their movements.

The timing for this juncture can be critical, too fast and the hydra flees, too slow and the hydra grows. Observation to make this determination, or industry standard is approximately 18-24 months (in the legal world) before one can make offensive decisions and is why we have had a deflationary market focus to alleviate the inevitable offensive actions as the pathway catabolize.

Right now across the web, on just about every news forum, social media, video streaming, we see a slew of propaganda by your enemy:

So you have to ask yourself, “why is this scripted narrative being used everywhere saying that America is in decline?” It’s simply a psychological tactic to get you to agree and repeat the phrase “America is in decline” until you either make it true or belive it in your own mind.

Well those responsible for the dissemination of the narrative “america in decline” is the enemy of the U.S. I’m saying that those responsible have done so for the purpose of “demoralizing” the citizens.

Once you understand this reality, that it’s simple battlefield propaganda, that those who own media and use demoralizing statements about America for the purpose of you agreeing that America is in decline and that we should have a civil war is exactly what your enemy wants.

Who is your enemy? Is also a trick to confuse you of who “they” are operating on U.S. soil and what entity they own.

I hate to inform you, but America is at war, although this truth has not yet been officially announced. The U.S. military is busy refitting warplanes for Ukraine airspace and the 101st Airborne has started to deploy to Europe, just like we did to stop Hitler. We have observed enough to know that victory without the use of tactical nukes is a certainty, however, no one will agree with this statement or such will be inundated with propaganda.

Never show your cards.

Now America’s domestic enemies are working in tangent with this “unknown enemy” from abroad and employs a constant barrage of propaganda at the American public that consists of the following:

  • It’s cool to be gay to disrupt military recruiting and uptick disease.
  • a slew of “vitamin shots” to make you sick and unfit for service.
  • use of German mischling or promoting a mixed seed for eugenics and lineage division.
  • FDA warned poison products from China to make you sick and unfit for service.
  • poisoned food and water same purpose.
  • deflation of the market to slow response time in manufacturing weapon systems for use in Europe.
  • attack on religious institutions to create division in the population and erode moral standard.
  • changing historical data and bibles for ideology and lies.
  • mass advertising that America is in decline and that YOU the citizens should have a civil war for the purpose of disrupting any unity of the people for stopping aggression in Europe and the domestic terrorists.

The enemy does not want you to have love for your neighbor or unity, but division strife, lockdowns, a passport/vaccination/social credit system for tracking and shutting off your bank accounts.

The demise of anti-American organizations is certain according to Moore’s law. According to many A.I. models the institutions or enemies of the people are currently going through a catabolic process that will not stop until their anti-humanity systems are crushed. You can call this the vengeance of G-d or a result of aggressing the Human Genome.

With how smart these guys are with all their scientists they failed to realize that YHWH built in a protective system within DNA to make the mammals turn on the aggressor like a canine turns on a seizure victim. That preserves the genome baby.

Hitler never understood this until he was sitting in a bombed out bunker, babbling to himself in a drugged out haze, as the worlds armies closed in on him.

Meanwhile, the Saudis are building a hundred mile long super city, knowing that oil will be around for the next 200 years – the climate lies are ridiculous and Reginald Gates predicited that the U.S. population would NEVER exceed 200 million people. You and every military advisor/government have been duped by insane eugenicists with boatloads of money and their plotted computer scenarios.

I would like to point out the finite funds the Federation has to work with (without banker signatures) or any referendum creating havoc within the General Security Council at any time on this agreed upon war.

“Let us remember that the UN, the Secretary-General, and the Security Council, were all conceived by three old gentlemen – (Franklin D.) Roosevelt, (Winston) Churchill, and (Joseph) Stalin. That’s why we often say that the UN Secretary-General is more Secretary than General.

But I am realistic about the UN. The major institutions and their powers were designed in the middle of the last century. Article 108 of the UN Charter says that it can be changed by a vote of the General Assembly, preceded by a vote of the Security Council. When three gentlemen (Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt) in Yalta were deciding on the major design, they designed it in a way that would guarantee the permanent members the controlling power over everything. So when we speak about reform, we should primarily address our questions to the permanent members. Because until they agree on changes, the charter, as it is designed and ratified, does not allow for any change.” Ukraine Rep. Sergiy Kyslytsya, source: The Kyiv Independent

Nevertheless, America cannot be expected to lay down during a fight now can we? No, we aim to win and will do so regardless of political characters installed. Haven’t you heard? We like to kick ass. We learned how to fight and shoot as children in open competition, in freedom where our minds were mold to win and fight for good. Our enemies hive mind fights for itself, to keep it’s lie from being discovered, to keep the people beaten down, to repress and keep control.

We have already won. Victory is ours.

Sir, we accept your invitation to a good old fight and may the best man, US, win and by God we will trust in our victory to be sure.

Those at war with America are the same bad guys and traitors working both sides since the beginning. The only difference is they have entrenched themselves within government entities and in fact work for foreign governments that have always been the enemy of the United States and the American way of life.

You can see what newspapers the enemies own, no one needs to tell an analyst where their allegiance lay, their assets, and what political positions they control, and who they elected to office. You can easily spot a terrorist. It’s the group that accuses working class Christian Americans to be terrorists. That’s how you spot a terrorist by what they accuse everyone of and what they do action wise as a group. NO ONE IS IGNORANT OF WHAT PARTY IS A TERRORIST GROUP.

It seems the only ignorant is the employees of this group or those who get paid by them to help destroy America, family values, and law and order. No amount of propaganda can change the fact American’s AS A WHOLE, A MAJORITY know that this party is a terrorist organization. So what does that mean for your organization?

American’s on a whole as surveyed are fully aware that a terrorist organization runs a wing of government and no amount of propaganda, or reparations will change this fact.

Are we really at a tipping scale? Yes in regard to these factions being destroyed internally by both state and U.S. government action and once any offensive action commence these factions will be delegated to the dust bin of history as many times before.

If I was going to make a prediction, and I don’t like doing that, my prediction would be based on history. I might say that the end result will be as the other times. A bunch of rich guys or the lucky ones will get away (flee the country) with a truck load of cash and attempt to leave a burning wreckage in their wake. Their organizations will be heaps and their dynasties shattered and for what?

“Eventually hunted down” never replaces what the families had to suffer in shoah and I believe it is every Jews responsibilty to stop these bad guys and prevent another Hitler. Those who proclaim their interest is to stop another Hitler from arising is false – they have become the Hitler. They are the Hitler.

These entity who have positions of power are in fact throw away political candidates by the enemies of the United States. They are used for the purpose of mitigating or hindering “actionable warfare” on behalf of the U.S. just like any spy or traitor is used in a time of war.

These corporate CEO’s and “elected” politicians know they are throw aways and when the cards are laid down they will do what journalists have already done – jump ship to the other side and pretend they were never involved. Thus, the need to gain as much wealth while they can is the hope in Congress.

Demoralization is one concept to erode military strength, as is vaccination, viral outbreaks, homosexual campaigns to increase disease and weaken military recruiting, which have been deployed many times in history, and sabotage of food/water resource. All of this you have seen happening and again these things are done in a hope that WHEN, not if, combat occurs, there will be attrition from these active “demoralizing” campaigns.

Does this change the outcome? Well the computer models show about a 10-13% collateral damage from these campaigns by foreign countries who have positioned key personel in multi-industry employment, which by and far is successful as 10% of the military can be upwards of 500K in personnel.

We can already see the damage to industry is hovering about 8% and again whatever hope these terrorists wished to achieve will turn to the opposite, boiling white hot America rage and vengeance against her enemies both domestic and abroad.

Any uptick is considered a win and so unsustainable as to offensive action that must be taken. Regarding a tipping scale for the common population, yes, there is a tipping scale.

Once offensive action commence, again to counter this will take military action or civil war in which at that time those responsible will be eradicated by our military forces internally as well as their personal holdings concerning NYSE, NASDAQ positions, assets, and such. This is the natural progression in wartime to remove those who sabotage industry or use media “against the interest” of the people.

Of course as a government you eradicate foreign enemies who have breached office to destroy the institution – a natural remedy in war or it’s opposite, the coup d’etat or seizure of governmental power by a military or political group, what you see as preamble right now.

Can super powers maintain multiple war fronts while those who play both sides for fiat remain viable in an ever-changing landscape? Catabolism and Moore’s law suggest they have already lost but maybe they can feed more data into the A.I. computer and come away with a better scenario for themselves.

The only scenarios I see where the bad guys win amounts to billions of lives lost. It’s everyones job to prevent that from happening regardless if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or non-affiliated. The enemies only viable plan is division and terrorism, which can be countered by any state government through sheriff and task force immediately.

You know who the bad guys are in your state and so does the FBI – issue warrants and arrest them and deal with their litigation as their hydra flees to safety and leaves their acolytes hanging high and dry. I can assure you these people are NOT Jewish. They are traitors and terrorists as the State Department well knows.

So what’s going on now? Well, when you have German Nazi’s taking over departments they must first be removed before you can get results. Many in whom pretend to be Jews having infiltrated multiple Jewish organizations so they can direct policy, deteriorate ethics, and implant trans/cisgender policy to destroy Jewish culture in both government and civic institutions. The real enemies of both Jewish culture and American way of life.

The question our organization has asked is how are you going to censor all the data dumps from the thousands around the country that are displaying your dirt? The answer so far is to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a focal point of media so you can censor any account that does not share your ideology, which is laughably unsustainable.

Internet 3.0 is on the horizon in which your commercial saboteurs no longer have valid opinions. Twitter, as an Elon Musk focal point of news dissemination is comedic. No one needs Twitter, the New York Times, or CBS News to get data out anymore. That’s what the taskmasters fear – platforms that continually expose what they do, who they are, and where they are in real time and no ability to counter the data. How do you whack a mole two hundred million user accounts? You don’t.

That is where the world is headed – complete transparency before any lying, fake politician can do a news conference and lie to the public as a whole. While his dumb, teleprompt reading mindless brain reads the statement of his masters, the world will be simultaneously watching the videos and listening to the real audio of their corruption and the alter-truth, which now is called “misinformation.”

So the idea then is to flood the cable with so much misinformation no one knows what to believe at any given time. LOL, a band-aid by stupid people that don’t understand math, or Moore’s Law.

Thus, the great need for platforms like Twitter and government oversight to determine what is misinformation and the ability to censor lawyers from disseminating data by using both the bar, fines, and fear as weapons. But it no longer matters.

A perfect example is the Hunter Biden laptop. While the Democrats denied the reality saying it was “Russian misinformation” at the same time teenagers all over the world watched Hunter having sex and smoking Meth, but what should you believe, Democrat propaganda or your own eyes?

They tried of course to state these were doctored photos to no avail, seeing that hundreds of millions have viewed, disseminated, and tore apart the data. Creating a whole slew of memes which government agency try to eradicate in vain. The employees themselves laugh at the memes as they are told to destroy them!

Transparency is on the way to communities the world over and there is nothing any corporation or government can do to stop this new capability to communicate and expose every lie faster than you can shut them down. These are the facts every government is dealing with right now and why they are making their moves right now.

You can either be on the right side of history with the people or the wrong side with the terrorists. The choice is yours alone. The terrorists will lose, just as Hitler lost.

I would suggest America is not in decline, the citizens, government included, now see who their enemies are – within our own borders. Sending the 101st Airborne to Europe solidifies offensive action and what will be mirrored in the U.S. to defeat our domestic enemies.

And now a closing prayer, please say it with me and let it be your war chant,

God bless America and all those who fight against our enemy. YHWH, grant us victory against these terror organizations and strengthen your soldiers and those who serve you to defeat them. YHWH is our victory and we ask for victory, we glorify your name. We glorify the name of your Mashiach Jesus, who gave His life for His friends and all those who call upon His name for salvation. Exact your vengeance Lord as you have promised. Let all who come against us be destroyed by the power of YHWH. Cause our enemies to have strong delusion as you have promised. Let them find defeat at every avenue. Let them flee and fear your vengeance and assure us your victory oh Lord. For you are Ekhad who delivers us and we thank you and glorify your name forever!



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