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What’s Your Morbidity Ratio?

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) and Defense Mechanism Manual which was developed to assess the use of three defenses: denial, projection, and identification as defined by standard TAT and CAT cards play a pivotal role within government and determine actuation of elected officials and those leading government organizations.


Vaccines are deployed under common control methods whereby both the need of safety (chimpanzee social training) and analysis of the intelligence of the entity (voluntary psychiatric evaluations) determine the control measures.

If you make a decision regarding your health based on experts alone, thereby negating your own ability to decide, then a determined morbidity factor applies to you.

To address the need of safety and comfort you will seek the counsel of a doctor/health institution regardless of truth, science, incompetence, or propaganda.

Indeed, the primate will seek out comfort of safety perceived at the cost of food or sustenance. Safety and comfort are advertised as the primary function and as seen through institutionally mandated constructs, such as masking, cognitively places infants/toddlers in a perpetual state of disruption.

Disrupting social networks was the obvious litmus in eliminating emotional response humans have shared since birth. The fact society is in a revolving Pavlov dog training enigma, amicably suggest that humans will adhere to mandates which erode health, even unto death, while justifying to others the need to do so implicitly for the purpose of “helping others” or alleviating the doctored numbers of the sick and dying.

We see this play on emotions as avidly displayed with TAT – a pre-determined scoring system where the outcome is controlled based on your response to the scheme used to categorize you as an entity that must be corrected.

There is no right answer. Only what the observer wishes to paint through leading the narrative. Your answers or story are steered to the proper outcome through points awarded to determine you either a healthy specimen, or to be corrected into proper group think.

Ted Kaczynski was a Harvard student who confided in his teacher Henry Alexander Murray, founder of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society. Ted allowed himself to become an experiment of Mr. Murray, and the Harvard student morphed into his alter-ego, the unabomber. Through a variety of method shearing his personality, Ted transformed into a vicious killer.

Examining psychiatry historically, the narrative is filled to the brim with chicanery, political infiltration by blackmail, sex scandals, mind slaves, public policy manipulation, health sabotage, and human experiments – everything warned about by both democracies and communists using the techniques for tactical engagement.

“With the complicity of the school’s highest administrator, physicians tricked the parents of retarded children at the school into giving permission for their children to participate in a ‘science club.’ In fact the ‘science club’ was a cover for an experiment in which the children were fed radioisotopes mixed with oatmeal.”

Buchanan, Allen. “Judging the Past: The Case of the Human Radiation Experiments.” The Hastings Center Report 26, no. 3 (1996): 25. https://doi.org/10.2307/3527929.

Anti-humanity schemes composed to enforce compliance are used against the very medical doctors who understand the Science and can inform you of either the harms or advice contrary to the schemes.

Current analysis of and filed litigation against the American Medical Association directly from medical doctors, psychiatrists, and academia who were indoctrinated with these very same control mechanisms, are now wondering in a court of law how they became silenced by these same methods.

They (doctors and professionals) are waking up as individuals, due to the fact they are being persecuted as individuals. It’s always a fiction unless YOU are the one being censored and your name and career destroyed for a scheme to harm or control people.

Medical doctors who deny issuing vaccine poisons to the population are being ordered by medical boards to either undergo psychiatric evaluation, by methodology listed above, or lose their medical license for not complying with control methodology.

Either choice is a death sentence for their career.

Thus, the lawsuits have begun and institutions like the CDC/AMA will have to deal with ever increasing lawsuits until politicians will be required to step in and put their careers on the line for the lies of those leading these organizations.

As can be seen these symptoms result in alternate formation of “medical boards” which do not recognize the control spheres of the previous establishment developed over the last 140 years.

The Federal government will eventually recognize the formation of new certifying State boards as society progress to “freedom havens” or competitive associations issuing medical license.

Indeed, they are being formed as I write this article.

The system as a means for control culminates with forced vaccination or psychiatric examination as to “why you do not wish to be made sick and suffer with the rest of the group?”

In fact, this sort of non-compliance to become sick or controlled like everyone else is unacceptable and no doubt will lead to more atrocity until society wholly reject and turn on the task-masters enslaving cultures.

Society was warned by both communists and democracies of the dangers of psycho analysis as to the control measure thereof.

Now societies who succumb to the control measures will break out of their forced reality simply through realization of sickness, loss of loved ones, information dissemination, or the 5 methods of morbidity recognizing:


Above as a model is accepted as academic group think and evaluated through hospital ethics concerning morbidity.

The task-masters, legally defined as terrorists, now wish to educate high schoolers of the “facts” concerning their demise so they are well prepared and conditioned to accepth their fate or death as teenagers before starting out in life.

This, no doubt, is to alleviate the expected vigilante outcomes of “chain breakers” who flee from their indoctrination, while dying, and become vigilante in the process.

The correct terminology is seeking justice from oppression and wrongful death, but that’s a topic mainstream news will never touch on seeing that they are your oppressors following orders just like the Nazi’s did and as Psychologist Stanley Milgram pointed out.

§ 16–2701. Liability; damages; prior recovery as precluding action.

(a) When, by an injury done or happening within the limits of the District, the death of a person is caused by the wrongful act, neglect, or default of a person or corporation, and the act, neglect, or default is such as will, if death does not ensue, entitle the person injured, or if the person injured is married or domestic partnered, entitle the spouse or domestic partner, either separately or by joining with the injured person, to maintain an action and recover damages, the person who or corporation that is liable if death does not ensue is liable to an action for damages for the death, notwithstanding the death of the person injured, even though the death is caused under circumstances that constitute a felony.

As MSM or legacy news scrambles to distance themselves from mask mandates and forget everything they did under Covid, the lawsuits will continue as depositions and discovery expose these groups, organizations, and individuals involved or complicit.

Although methodology is sought to deliver humanity from destruction, we find that the very methods to unravel the deviousness of mankind, lends only to more destruction and controlled outcomes to deceive even better.

History is not ignorant to the reality of granting a group of people a more powerful weapon, than any other group of people, they will quickly subjugate and defeat all other groups without delay, before being defeated themselves.

How much more then any group who believes they are doing their god a service in subjugating societies and have a great need to revenge themselves against sins of the past.

All should pray to YHWH, Baruch ata Adonai, Melech HaOlam, for justice and the removal of these groups, politicians, and news organizations committing these atrocities and I have no doubt our prayers will be answered by HaShem as promised.